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a projection screen that is much wider than it is high

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This wide screen system was produced by 20th Century Fox in the hope it would coax viewers away from their TV sets and back into the Cinemas and eventually all the major Hollywood studios adopted similar wide screen systems.
For TV viewing, Sacha predicts a rapid rise in the popularity of wide screen and home cinema formats as prices come down and more programmes are broadcast in the new wide format.
The company claimed that the projector is the first of its kind on the market and offers high quality short throw wide screen output at a cost effective price.
There are so few new innovations to excite moviegoers because we've seen it all: wide screen, digital projection, digital sound and, most importantly and simply, stadium seating,'' Dergarabedian said.
Pixelworks ImageProcessors provide the VPL-VW10HT with the ability to view 4:3 images in their native format or resize them to fill the wide screen using a number of proprietary resizing techniques that make the content appear as if it was shot in the 16:9 aspect ratio with no distortion.
Wide screen, back projection, home cinema, stereo sound, Videoplus and now digital TV transmission are now making traditional tellys and videos look - and sound - way out of date.
LUXIM is the inventor of LIFI(TM) bringing Light Fidelity(TM) to long-life, vivid color projection display applications like wide screen high-definition TVs and home theater projectors.
The new SP rear-projection Digital Light Processing (DLP) cubes, which utilize state of the art DLP technology from Texas Instruments[R], are available in either "open system" or "integrated system" configurations and come in diagonal sizes of 50" (c50SP/c50SPi), 67" (c67SP/c67SPi), and wide screen 70" (c70SPw/c70SPwi).
Like other video releases, ``A Bug's Life'' - which was made for the wide screen - will be offered in letterbox format, but Lasseter and Pixar made some adjustments for those who watch the regular format.
NEC Corporation of America today announced the premiere of its NEC STARUS(TM) NC2500S Digital Cinema projector, which debuted on a 70-foot wide screen in a state-of-the-art multiplex owned and operated by Malco Theatres, Inc.
Titled "The Big Picture: Films on the Wide Screen," the series will be guest curated by Variety film critic Todd McCarthy, who wrote and co-directed the documentary "Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography.
The initial phase of the rollout includes the customer's use of Glowpoint's video network service for a high quality "Telepresence Room," which offers a superior video experience by embedding cameras behind a 50" wide screen display image.
The Global AirWorks retrofit solution is a new proprietary 17-inch wide screen LCD replacement for the older Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT's) mounted in the aisles of the aircraft.
Philips LCD's P7 -- the world's largest seventh generation substrate size (1950 x 2250mm) fabrication line in Paju, South Korea -- the 100-inch panel is a wide screen (16:9) LCD TV panel with a screen width and height exceeding 2.