wide of the mark

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not on target


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The Catalan giants have praised Messi's character, and claimed Drenthe's accusations are well wide of the mark.
They're also wide of the mark and will be until Florence writes anything that can hold a candle to Wuthering Heights.
These preposterous predictions have, as they were always going to, proved laughably wide of the mark.
Fears that America would have to pay more to borrow on the world's financial markets after being stripped of its coveted AAA rating proved to be wide of the mark on Monday, as yields on U.
We can only guess at his motive, but burglary probably isn't far wide of the mark.
Villa are unwilling to comment officially on reports which they are adamant are wide of the mark.
Bearing in mind such phrases as "High Performance Behavioural Framework" or "Performance Orientation," Orwell may well not have been too far wide of the mark when he wrote the book 60 years ago.
Expectations for the top flight to hover below the milestone proved wide of the mark.
I'm sure the Chronicle wouldn't print a review someone had written based on a musician's tabloid reputation and not their performance, but then the review was so wide of the mark, I imagine at best he saw the first ten minutes.
Rumors that the car will dump its V10 engine in favor of a smaller V8 in order to keep current with Formula One's changing engine regulations are thought to be wide of the mark.
However, as our Star Products Review reveals, our predictions weren't too wide of the mark, with a clutch of products we tipped last December proving they had genuine star quality The biggest winners were Diageo's Baileys Glide, Masterfoods' first biscuit entry Bisc&, Gu Chocolate Puds and Wall's Balls--all scoring the ultimate accolade of four stars.
David Lee's commentary suggesting that GLBT people are too tolerant of religious intolerance of homosexuality is far wide of the mark.
Think Rocky Horror Show and you will not be wide of the mark.
Two titillating rumors circulating the corridors of The Mayflower Hotel at the NEPA conference proved to be wide of the mark, one of them way wide of the mark.
Whereas once gay men sought 'trade' they now sought equals" is uncharacteristically wide of the mark, as is his contention that "increasingly, the goal was not casual sex but longer term relationships.