wicket gate

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small gate or door (especially one that is part of a larger door)

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We make our way through another wicket gate and join the drive that soon reaches the public road, where we turn right towards Streetlam.
The separation element presented in this paper, is composed from a wicket gate with multiple kerfs, positioned in the alimentation room, a radial contraction and one cylindrical vortex tube.
IN the walk around Cartworth Moor we published on February 14 we are asked to point out that the route to Holling Brigg should take walkers over a newly built stile on the right about half way down the descent through the wood and before reaching a wicket gate.
In the latter half of the next fiscal year, JR East plans to deploy a ''mobile Suica'' payment option in which train fares are automatically deducted when users touch wicket gate sensors with their handsets.
Do not cross but turn left along the perimeter fence to join the canal through a wicket gate.
Tenders are invited for Construction of boundary wall with grills, entrance gate plaza, wicket gate, arrival courts i/c pergola, moorum path, zen garden, terrace garden, poetry garden, grass court, sensory garden with decking, naukhanapavelian, car parking, bamboo bridge, sand stone chhatri and benches, sprinkler irrigation system, children play equipments and red sand stone signages in conection with Up-gradation of Vasant Udyan at Vasant Vihar.
Just past a sign about the castle bats, where the path bends a grassy path on the right leads to a wicket gate.
There are two more gates before we cross an area of grassland and, after passing through a wicket gate, we continue to the left of a copse.
Pass through the wicket gate and join a green lane that leads to Roydhouse.
To the front of the farmhouse is a small garden with slate terrace, bay hedging and a wicket gate leading to a gently sloping lawned garden with shrubs and trees.
Follow the grassy track, but when it swings left, pick up a faint path heading half-right across the field to a wicket gate to the left of a walled plantation.
The custody sergeant agreed it was very warm and, as an act of kindness, he left the wicket gate inspection hole in the door open for him to get some fresh air.
Tenders are invited for Spl rep to security wall and gate in md accn (approx 115 rm) at nursing line, provn of 3 x gate with wicket gate for unit loc (front and rear gate) uran vihar (jcos/or md accn) at 1(i) r and o flt and spl repairs to bldg no.
Continuing ahead to a wicket gate and driveway, we turn right along Fullicar Lane and soon follow a left hand bend - with views of distant hills ahead.