wicket door

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small gate or door (especially one that is part of a larger door)

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Contract notice: culture and congress center rosenheim, general renovation 2nd ba, measures 2018, mobile partition with wicket doors
5 sectional doors with fiberglass filling and viewing window, Wicket door
3800m; Foam glass insulation ca 240m; Gates: Fire protection sliding door t90 with wicket door approx.
1,110 mm, Number of elements: 11, (1 telescopic element, 8 normal elements, 1 door connection element, 1 wicket door element, Single-leaf, 2 wall connection strips, 2 wall strips).
w 5500 mm h 2100mm with wicket door, made of sheet steel 1 pcs start: 12 days after commissioning (vs march 2018) start of assembly sheet steel doors construction site wa 4a: 4.
sectional industrial doors 4500mmx4000mm with wicket door (with delivery and installation) in accordance with the project ISHST.