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work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches)


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Instead of still using just wood, paint, barkcloth, or wickerwork, for instance, to create ritually important and spiritually compelling--even dangerous--objects, it is reasonable to hypothesize that some people turned to this exciting and quite revolutionary new medium of earth, fire, and water that came from some exotic, far off land.
Saudis are fascinated with Chinese woodcarving, weaving, wickerwork and pottery as well as ceremonial dance in parades.
Felt, wickerwork, leather and beautiful textiles complete this look.
He reclines in a lightweight, possibly wickerwork, throne, padded with pink satin.
Substances and objects used in the experiment Objects Substances Paper crinkling device Transparent green liquid Toy punch Lightly scented dark brown powder Implement for shaping clay Thick greasy semi-transparent yellow paste Eye mask Citrus-smelling orange liquid Scrubbing implement Aromatic light brown powder Novelty kitchen sink plug Lightly scented dark green paste Wooden massager Strongly scented colorless liquid Massager with a roller Thick aromatic dark brown paste Wickerwork container Sharp-smelling yellow powder Inhaler part Bright blue liquid disinfectant Hand rest for applying Thick lightly scented white liquid nail polish Novelty coaster Spicy red powder Egg puncher Sweet-smelling thick dark-brown liquid
The coach body was constructed of a light wood frame with wickerwork attached.
When Biebuyck acquired his figurine, he was told that it "represents Keitula, 'the heart of the one who holds the wickerwork rattles.
Chthonia whose "own notion of divinity was a thoroughly intimate one" (36), Fay engaged her son Dudley in building a cow shape out of wickerwork and cowhide, providing it with locomotion by means of bevel-gears and ratchets, and making sure that its rear was free for the proper moment.
WINE, cake, orchids, embroidery and wickerwork are the top buys for souvenirs.
The ground floor has a large bread oven clad in traditional dry stone walling, while handmade wickerwork trays have been used to create beautiful natural shelving.
The woman finished each of her concoctions with a few drops of amber-coloured sesame oil, and arranged the bowls on a wickerwork tray with wooden chopsticks and china spoons.
The two household items may not have been identical, but both were wickerwork products.
It is worth noting that some clay jointings were recovered at this site, some of those containing bits of wickerwork (AI 4998: 103, 104).
The same kind of pretzel diagram for swift Mercury shows more frequent loops--roughly three a year--and an approximate repeat of the entire wickerwork pattern every 21 years.
Some fruits are collected in the forest seasonally, as are climbing plants for wickerwork and handicraft.