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Synonyms for wicker

slender flexible branches or twigs (especially of willow or some canes)

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work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches)

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In his questions to the panel, Wicker asked the witnesses to assess U.
Wicker also asked Berry to elaborate on his testimony regarding the FCCs inadequate data collection procedures for mapping broadband coverage.
Brother and sister James and Belinda Yu are the team behind Wicker Wings VICTORIA TETLEY Brother and sister James and Belinda Yu are the team behind Wicker Wings VICTORIA TETLEY SIBLINGS James and Belinda Yu drew on their rich family past to forge their vision for the future.
The Liverpool brother and sister set up Wicker Wings late last year, producing fashionable hand-made wicker and leather handbags favoured by, among others, TV presenter Helen Skelton and Liverpool model Abbey Clancy.
The willow wickers of Kashmir are a hit not only among domestic tourists but also among foreign tourist who throng here every year and purchase the willow products in large scale.
Srinagar, Mar 20 (ANI): In order to gain market at a large scale, artisans of willow wicker in Jammu and Kashmir have brought some new and innovative changes to the old designs.
The case involves Joseph Wickers, who died in December 2002 at a Littlerock board-and-care home.
Wickers had been married to Judy Looney's aunt, who died in 1975.
Among the manufacturers already offering Holofiber products or planning to introduce them are Wickers tees, shorts, sock and glove liners at www.
Wickers proposal makes it the official policy of the United States to achieve the Navys minimum requirement for a 355-ship fleet.
Burl Looney, 56, and Judy Looney, 54, of Palmdale are charged with forgery, attempted elder fiduciary abuse and attempted grand theft against Joseph Wickers, who died last month at a Littlerock board-and-care home.
Both Looneys lived next door to Wickers in Palmdale for several years, officials said.
Secretary Chao emphasized that she shares Wickers concerns for rural America and looks forward to working with the senator to address his concerns.
Wicker requested assurances from Secretary Chao that the administration proposal would not lead to increased air fare or fees for rural airports and their customers.
Services were conducted Thursday for Rosalie Clemm Wickers.