wicker basket

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a basket made of wickerwork

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Although sponsored by Birmingham's Britannic Assurance, who, even allowing for the Stock Market plunge, could have provided him with the latest in hi-tech sealed aluminium capsules, Hempleman-Adams chose the authentic wicker basket in homage to the memory of Salomon Andree who, in 1897 with two companions, set off from northern Norway into the unknown in a hydrogen balloon.
Also, in Ethiopia, the traditional method of eating takes place at a mesob, which is a colorful, circular-topped wicker basket table.
The idea of soaring 1,000ft into the air in what I imagined would be little more than a wicker basket and a gas stove was not overly appealing.
Balancing her shopping in a wicker basket on the front of her bike, she cycled through the streets of celebrity stomping ground Notting Hill, while starstruck motorists looked on.
EXPLORER David Hempleman-Adams yesterday unveiled details of his latest world record bid - an attempt to fly solo across the Atlantic in a balloon with an open wicker basket.
Gill kept him awake all winter in a wicker basket on a heat pad inside her shed.
During his five-and-a-half day flight the Bath-based businessman braved temperatures of minus 40C in an open wicker basket as he covered more than 1,500 miles.
Of course, we're talking about THE basket, the famous Longaberger wicker basket with a specially made gold plaque.
It hit the ground with such force that the 10 people inside were thrown around the wicker basket.
The Roziere balloon, which has a traditional wicker basket, is a design similar to the Breitling Orbiter, which went round the world non-stop in 1999, but is a tenth of its size.
I've seen everything from a mother in a hospital not knowing where her two sons are to a family holding a wicker basket saying this is all we have to start over with.
50 Give your feet a break from high heels and slip into a pair of comfy flip-flop espadrilles, Oliver Bonas; pounds 7 Keep your tea and coffee fresh in these wooden caddies, Debenhams; pounds 7; pounds 5 Recycle your papers in this wicker basket, Matalan; pounds 6 This bamboo candle will not only bring a relaxing ambience to any room but makes a great decorative piece, Matalan; pounds 6 For an out of Africa look try this natural wicker bangle, Freedom@Topshop; pounds 9.
Most stores justify the difference by claiming the high price includes a wicker basket that can last for years.
Mr Hempleman-Adams, who lifted off from Spitsbergen in Norway on Sunday, is trying to become the first person to fly to the North Pole in a wicker basket slung beneath a hot-air balloon.
David Hempleman-Adams, a self-made millionaire, has joined forces with Worcestershire-based Britannic Assurance in his bid to make the 1,000-mile journey from his Arctic Norway base to the North Pole in nothing but an open wicker basket slung under a 100ft balloon.