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Synonyms for wicker

slender flexible branches or twigs (especially of willow or some canes)

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work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches)

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In his questions to the panel, Wicker asked the witnesses to assess U.
Alton Towers Resort has invested PS16 million into the creation of Wicker Man which has been in development for the last four years ?
ALTON Towers has revealed the first incredible images of their new wooden rollercoaster - The Wicker Man.
THE 2,028ft-long Wicker Man is due to open at Alton Towers in the spring, and will fuse wood and fire in a world-first white-knuckle ride.
The 2,028ft-long Wicker Man is due to open at the Staffordshire theme park in the spring, and will fuse wood and fire in a world first white-knuckle ride.
ALTON Towers Resort has announced its latest groundbreaking thrill attraction set to open this spring - Wicker Man.
George Wicker and Brett Benson take the dual roles of U.
If it's the 80-plus, it's usually Charlie Wicker and Kevan DelGrande meeting in the final.
Film director Robin Hardy, who was best known for The Wicker Man, has died aged 86.
While printing money may be easier to accomplish than expansionary fiscal policy, economists have long argued that expansive monetary policy isn't costless, and none more eloquently than Elmus Wicker, professor emeritus of economics at Indiana University.
German financial services firm Deutsche Bank's (NYSE: DB) Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management unit's (Deutsche AWM) alternatives and real assets business has acquired the Wicker Park Commons shopping plaza in Chicago, Illinois, for one of its investment funds, the company said.
ICMA-RC said its chief investment officer Wayne Wicker has been recognized by two investment industry organizations for his leadership and unique contributions to asset allocation strategy, investment management and defined contribution plans.
Electrical devices have unique signatures, and if home metering is sensitive enough it can "distinguish the microwave from refrigerator, or even the light bulb in the bathroom from the light bulb in the dining room," said Wicker in an interview.
Children may take their time picking up English, which is a second language for the vast majority of schoolchildren in the UAE, but the delay can also stem from language and speech disorders, said Nannette Wicker, executive director and occupational therapist at Kids First Medical Centre.
COMEDY star Greg Hemphill will introduce a special 40th anniversary restoration screening of the cult horror The Wicker Man at the GFT, Glasgow.