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Synonyms for wickedly

in a wicked evil manner


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Pipt a Powder of Perpetual Youth in exchange for his Powder of Life, but she cheated him wickedly, for the Powder of Youth was no good and could work no magic at all.
The one that filled him with the greatest terror was the panther--the flaming-eyed, devil-faced panther whose grinning jaws gaped wide at him by day, and whose fiery orbs gleamed wickedly out across the water from the Cimmerian blackness of the jungle nights.
Think of all that you have done for me, and then think of the black ingratitude of it if I ruin you for life by consenting to our marriage--if I selfishly, cruelly, wickedly, drag you down to the level of a woman like me
returned Amy, knowing perfectly well what he meant, but wickedly leaving him to describe what is indescribable.
Her scowl,--as the world, or such part of it as sometimes caught a transitory glimpse of her at the window, wickedly persisted in calling it,--her scowl had done Miss Hepzibah a very ill office, in establishing her character as an ill-tempered old maid; nor does it appear improbable that, by often gazing at herself in a dim looking-glass, and perpetually encountering her own frown with its ghostly sphere, she had been led to interpret the expression almost as unjustly as the world did.
Professor Chris Darimont, from the University of Victoria in Canada, who led a study of 2,125 species of land and sea predators around the world, said: "Our wickedly efficient killing technology, global economic systems and resource management that prioritise short-term benefits to humanity have given rise to the human super-predator.
Despicable Me (ITV, tonight, 7pm) WICKEDLY entertaining animated tale of evil versus evil that delivers a frenetic 94 minutes of laughter, edge-of-seat thrills and heart-warming sentiment.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-June 5, 2014-Ruckus expands City of San Jose's Wickedly Fast Wi-Fi service into Mineta San Jose International Airport and San Jose McEnery Convention Centre
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 5, 2014-Ruckus expands City of San Jose's Wickedly Fast Wi-Fi service into Mineta San Jose International Airport and San Jose McEnery Convention Centre
NYSE: RKUS) said it has expanded its partnership with the city of San Jose with the extension of the Ruckus-powered Wickedly Fast Wi-Fi network throughout Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) and the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.
Chelsea Weston's long range effort swerved wickedly in front of Worrall, and although the Reds keeper managed to parry the ball, her defence had to be alert to deny Williams from the rebound.
4 million, while brother Katsumi's Northern Farm bought another Grade 1 winner, Wickedly Perfect, for $800,000.
Here comes the fifth book in Chris Mould's Something Wickedly Weird series, The Smugglers' Mine.
This bottle of pink grapefruit doesn't come off as bitter so much as wickedly tart.
WICKEDLY funny political diaries from a maverick parliamentarian are bound to be a talking point and no doubt there'll be many eager listeners when Chris Mullen visits the Lit & Phil in Newcastle tomorrow.