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Synonyms for wick

any piece of cord that conveys liquid by capillary action

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a loosely woven cord (in a candle or oil lamp) that draws fuel by capillary action up into the flame

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Wick and his team have been providing clients competitive pricing and outstanding service for more than 20 years.
Make a twist of plain (non-coated) wire to hold one end of the wick just above the surface of the oil in the jar, and let the rest of the wick soak in the oil (note: most of the wick is in the oil, and very little airspace is between the burning wick end and the surface of the oil).
But she says, a mid-1970's agreement between the CPSC and US candle manufacturers to ban the lead wicks is not being enforced, while wicks from other countries, notably China, are being imported and are full of lead.
In the 34th minute Richard Macadie and Martin Gunn combined in a smart move to give Wick a chance of doubling their advantage.
We are very pleased that the management and staff of Butler Wick Trust will remain intact and headquartered in the greater Mahoning Valley.
Wick regained the lead through Martin Gunn's stunning 20-yard free kick just on half time.
When you extinguish a lamp, turn the wick down level with or just below the top edge of the burner wick sleeve and blow out the bit of flame, if any.
In the 35th minute Wick keeper Don MacMillan did well to save a Barron lob at the top corner.
Texas One-Step Chili Seasoning Mix is perfect for families on-the-go," said Tom Nall, the official Wick Fowler spokesperson.
Wick hit a post in the seventh minute through Alan Sinclair.
I'm excited,'' Desert Christian sophomore Jessica Wick said.
THREAVE ROVERS proved too slick for Highland League Wick Academy to book a second round tie at Forfar.
NASDAQ:UCFC), holding company for The Home Savings and Loan Company and Butler Wick Corp.
The team is under the direction of Coach Danielle Wick, who grew up cheering for American Cheer in Bakersfield, one of the premier programs in America, where she also coached for four years.