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Synonyms for whorl

Synonyms for whorl

a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops

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Columella possessing strong spiral folds, located between middle and inferior thirds of each whorl (Fig.
In some, the tooth whorl is placed on the upper jaw, curling outward like a spiky elephant trunk.
Measure and record the distance of each whorl from the base of the tree.
Adults may deposit clusters of 10-500 eggs throughout the plant canopy, but often prefer to oviposit in the lower two-thirds of cotton plants or in the whorls of corn or sorghum.
Sir, Asda's decision to axe up to 30% of branded items comes as little surprise to me and highlights the issue of whorl call karaoke branding (The Grocer, 28 February, p16).
Each of the experimental stands was divided into two treatments: (1) a treated block where all the top shoots and current-year shoots in the first whorl were treated, and (2) an untreated block, i.
Look closely at a horse and you'll see a cowlick-like whorl of hair on its forehead.
Measures included maximum length, maximum width, length of final whorl, length of the spire, apertural length and width, sutural angle, and number of whorls.
After 18 students recorded their thumbprints, they discovered there were 2 more loops than whorl thumbprints.
The black and white piebald cob mare, worth pounds 5,000, is seven years old, with a feathered whorl on the back of the neck.
Finding & Harvesting: A common mat-forming plant of wood edges, easily identified by its whorl of leaves and prickly hairs
One such pattern is called a whorl, which is identified by circular ridges.
Medium sized shells with low spire; strong angulation on outer edge of flattened upper whorl surface; outer whorl surface slightly concave below angulation then curving convexly onto base of whorl to angulation near midline of base of whorl: surface convex from angulation into open umbilicus; ultimate whorl subpentagonal in cross section; growth lines slightly prosocline on upper whorl surface, curving convexly forward on lateral surface before curving backwards on basal surface into umbilicus.
Language, Thought and Reality: Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee Whorl, 199-206.
Eriko Horiki, an internationally celebrated washi artist, invited 400 primary school students to mold roundish washi lamps that light up in concentric curves, creating an elaborate whorl of light that suggested the illuminated interior of a human mouth or heart.