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Synonyms for whorl

Synonyms for whorl

a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops

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Although, the study conducted by Kanchan Tanuj, Chattopadhyay Saurabh [12] on Indian medical students stated that the frequency of distribution of fingerprint patterns was variable and the frequency of whorl pattern was comparatively higher than that of loop pattern contrary to our results.
The distribution of the loop, arch, and whorl patterns of the index finger on the right hand was uniform in both groups, with no significant difference between the frequencies of these patterns.
The presence of live larvae or pupae was confirmed in each whorl by observation with a stereomicroscope (7.
Each third whorl was sampled (whorl number: 3 [from top], 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 21, and for some trees also whorl number 24).
Over the course of four books, the reader comes to understand what none of the characters except Silk (and in his case, only partially) do: that the Outsider is in fact God, who is pushing his way into the closed, poly theistic world of the Whorl to save it.
Caption: A tube (arrow) following the crease between whorls lets this Alycaeus snail breathe in its shell--although the tube's outside end is sealed.
However, only hair whorls on the chest and to a lesser extent on the elbow were predictive of training success, and the predictions were in opposite directions at the two locations.
of subjects Wavy Branched (WB) 11 Wavy Un-branched (W-Ub) 4 Linear Branched (LB) 6 Linear Un-branched (L-Ub) 2 Whorl Open (Wh-O) 2 Whorl Closed (Wh-C) 1 Loop (L) 2 Stem Like (SL) 2 Table 2: Distribution of different enamel rod end patterns in males and females Enamel rod end Patterns Male Female Wavy Branched (WB) 5 6 Wavy Un-branched (W-Ub) 2 2 Linear Branched (LB) 4 2 Linear Un-branched (L-Ub) 1 1 Whorl Open (Wh-O) 2 0 Whorl Closed (Wh-C) 1 0 Loop (L) 1 1 Stem Like (SL) 2 0
Columella possessing strong spiral folds, located between middle and inferior thirds of each whorl (Fig.
Jane Campbell sent in this pretty picture of the springtime flowers out in force at Whorl Hill Wood, at Faceby, North Yorkshire
The name hemangiopericytoma is frequently used in veterinary medicine to denominate a histological feature created by a variety of spindle cell tumors arranged in a whorl pattern, rather than a specific tumor of the pericytes (GROSS et al.
Agardh is a genus of filamentous terete red algae characterized by a uniaxial organization of its indeterminate axes, each axial cell bearing a whorl of three determinate branchlets, and new indeterminate axes (branches) arising from an axial cell or from the basal cell of a whorl-branchlet (Wollaston & Womersley 1998).
Expansion and consolidation of the populations of the Desmoulin s whorl snail (Vertigo moulinsiana) and the narrow-mouthed whorl snail (V.
Washington, March 4 ( ANI ): New scans of a mysterious fossil has suggested that an ancient sea predator had a spiraling whorl of teeth that acted as a lethal slicing tool.