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marked by an absence of conventional restraint in sexual behavior; sexually unrestrained

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His response was to establish an affect of "manly attachment" that raises writing from intellectual parasitism or aesthetic prostitution to the status of a revolutionary action and stands against the "fake honeyed" words of whorish capitalism and the false fairy tales it tries to sell.
11-22), and that it legitimizes sexual abuse through the endlessly repeated metaphor of Israel as a whorish wife.
In a series of posts on Twitter, a group representative wrote: "Westboro to picket the whorish face of America: Taylor Swift.
Having been told so often, so many ways, how ugly we lesbians were, how plain, how old-maidish, how "no man would want you," how criminal, unwomanly, undesirable, dishonorable, disorderly, filthy, manhating, whorish, inhuman, insanely jealous, and just yucky we were in our very existence, we were astonished to discover our collective beauty.
What a pity to seek pictureque ruins and romantic retreats in the famous old cities, along with all the other painted stage effects, where our whorish imaginations like to revel and blare.
Bugchasers, in contrast, are seen as feminized, sexually voracious, submissive and whorish .
With a rather feeble orientation and sense of self, she is the discerning type, promiscuous and whorish.
On the negative side, both transvestite boy players and professional actresses were favorite targets of irate antitheatricalists, who denounced them as abhorrent purveyors of vice and sin--and for some of the same reasons: female theatricality on stage was whorish and sinful, no matter who performed it, and the sight of theatrical women, actual or counterfeit, made men effeminate.
Loomba points out the ways that racial stereotyping impacts the presentation of appetite in Othello, with Desdemona's Venetian heritage and her desire for the Moorish Othello marking her as whorish even as her general deportment seems to contradict this categorization; see 97-103.
Most shocking of all were the offhand criticisms of the victims in Majki's documentary section, all respectable widows and beloved mothers who nonetheless had 'something whorish about them' in the opinion of one police representative; their murderer, meanwhile, was portrayed as a man damaged by his own mother's licentious behaviour when he was a child.
I guess we don't like to think that we are as whorish as a salesman who so obviously is doing that.
Guzman's pride in his genealogical descent from a whorish grandmother highlights his concept of a male world maintained by women's sexual labor.
I remember one morning when he complained of a terrible headache, retched into his loafers, then told me snappishly that the gorgeous burgundy de la Renta gown I had just worn to the Japanese consulate looked "damn whorish.
Their controversial lyrics include "Go devil's spawn to the hell where you will forever burn", and "You ain't got no poker face, you just got your whorish face".
The approach is whorish in its most literal sense, as divorced from real education as prostitution is from real intimacy; one recalls the wisdom of Belle De Jour as played by Billie Piper in the TV adaptation of Secret Diary of A Call Girl, where she advises young viewers that 'the most important thing is to work out what the client wants and give it to him as quickly as possible'.