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Synonyms for whoremaster

a prostitute's customer

a pimp who procures whores

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In The Saints Dignitie and Dutie, Hooker conceded to the Crisp-like antinomian that a drunkard or a whoremaster illustrates a reality: "that Gods people and others are all sinners.
When Pinchwife appears in town, Hornet launches an immediate verbal affront: "I did not expect marriage from such a whoremaster as you, one that knew the town so much, and women so well.
Naively married to overbearing whoremaster Pinchwife, Margery spots Horner and wakes up to the possibilities of attractive younger men.
The novel mostly unfolds through the perspective of Man Mortimer, a thoroughly despicable gambler and whoremaster who embarks upon a vendetta of petty but vicious revenge against several Eagle Lake residents, and Max Raymond, a one-time physician turned saxophonist in his Cuban wife's Latino jazz band.
Yet it's worth looking up what was said, especially about Jefferson, in those days: He was called adulterer, whoremaster, atheist, even deserter in the face of the enemy.
Complex relationships between house, body, spectacle, and desire emerge from the investigation of Puritan conduct books such as Philip Stubbes's The Anatomy of Abuses, which depicts the theatre as a school teaching the spectator 'to play the whoremaster, the glutton, the drunkard, or incestuous person' (p.
For his part, Holme the vicar claimed that Dighton had publicly insulted him, saying, "By God's passion, thou art one whoremaster priest.