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Synonyms for whooper

rare North American crane having black-and-white plumage and a trumpeting call

common Old World swan noted for its whooping call

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There will be a particular emphasis on whoopers which migrate from Iceland to the Solway each year and are one of the attractions at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust reserve at Caerlaverock, near Dumfries.
Whooper swan is a migratory bird and it arrives in Issyk-Kul for wintering.
w] = 11 kg, the mass of a whooper swan, and making allowances for variations in a, the maximum value of [chi] at which flight is possible at this altitude is 42.
Parenchymal tissues were collected for histopathologic analysis from 8 Baikal teals, 2 bean geese, and 1 whooper swan showing gross lesions and 3 bean geese and 2 mallard ducks not showing gross lesions.
A security guard at the property said that Whooper had told him that he was going to marry Rihanna.
Whooper must stay at least 100 yards away from the singer at any time.
According to court documents obtained by TMZ, during his last visit Whooper claimed to be an acquaintance of the singer and declared he was her "future husband" when confronted by security guards.
When we lived near Watten in Caithness, my attempts to do so became a standing joke in our family, particularly in connection with whooper swans and greylag geese.
The impressively noisy Whooper swan and the smaller, rarer Bewick's are tough birds, but they are still not tough enough to cope with the permanent dark and unremitting chill of an Arctic winter.
This year the project located near Porthmadog will be showing visitors wildlife such as whooper swans, otters, Canada and barnacle geese in their hundreds and birds of prey such as peregrine falcons.
Previous tagging of whooper swans showed they flew much higher - around 150 metres above sea level rather than the usual 10 metres - near wind farms, suggesting they could see the turbines and took action to avoid them.
In a bid to learn more about these magnificent birds and in the process increase public awareness, The Lough Neagh Wetlands Whooper Swan Project or the Superwhooper Project was hatched in 2007 when a team of scientists visited Iceland to observe breeding Whooper swans.
Aircraft could be in danger because of flocks of whooper swans which migrate from Iceland to live near the runways at Glasgow airport during the winter.
Plus, Bill Oddie and Kate Humble present an update on the whooper swans.
During the recent outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Germany, mortality due to H5N1 HPAIV was observed among mute and whooper swans as part of a rapid spread of this virus.