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noisy and boisterous revelry

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I tried to explain "It's a whoopee cushion Molly" I answered.
Surely with all that extra gas being created in these vast empty spaces, the first attempt to redrill for this resource, could potentially turn the Earth into a huge whoopee cushion?
Dudes, young veteran Nicole Wray is the fiercest R&B singer out there, yet labels continue to play whoopee cushion with her album (dropping in Nevuary according to Wikipedia since 2004
Imagine bringing live bees to study spelling and putting whoopee cushions with chocolate pudding on other peoples' chairs
If you miss those old-fashioned joke shops that sell stink bombs, whoopee cushions and itching powder, then this site might be right up your street.
The packed floor of more than 600 traders was filled with everything from darts players and knights to 70s American cops and men dressed as giant pink whoopee cushions.
Since the days of the Amish in Pennsylvania, when mothers used to bake fresh whoopee pies for their children, the delicious combination of cream sandwiched between two chocolate cake pieces have had people whooping with joy.
In addition to celebrating elan's anniversary, Brigham's also announced the launch of a new flavor, Whoopee Pie, based on the traditional American baked dessert usually associated with the Amish of Pennsylvania, but also credited with having its origin in the wilds of Maine.
The driver sits on an accelerometer--which Meldrum likened to a whoopee cushion--that can record vibration.
Winning entries included an antitheft briefcase, a sleep-monitoring system, and an electronic whoopee cushion.
One word of caution: Tread lightly with swing-loaded pop-ups and whoopee cushions
For example, the Bart Simpson Prankster bag contains items such as whoopee cushions and joke novelties.
Stress management product ratings Product/Ratings Stressbusters Laughing Matters Holds viewer interest ***1/2 *** Acting/Presenting ***1/2 **1/2 Diversity NA NA Production quality *** **1/2 Value of content *** **1/2 Instructional value *** **1/2 Value for the money *** **1/2 Overall rating *** **1/2 Product/Ratings Whoopee, Another Meeting
A few of the tunes they play include "Makin' Whoopee," "Route 66," "Straighten Up and Fly Right," "Paper Moon," and "Christmas Song.