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Synonyms for whoop

Synonyms for whoop

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

Synonyms for whoop

a loud hooting cry of exultation or excitement

shout, as if with joy or enthusiasm

cough spasmodically


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Founded in 2012, Whoop is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, with R&D facilities in Silicon Valley.
Rather than the cough and whoop of an older child, a newborn with pertussis infection may simply appear to hold its breath periodically, he says.
Adolescents and adults generally have milder symptoms, many without the typical whoop.
The main symptoms are severe coughing fits, accompanied by the characteristic whoop sound as the child gasps for breath.
About Whoop Design Co Whoop Design is a Minneapolis based creative services studio.
It is perceived as a disease of very young children who have not been immunised and who have classic features such as whoop.
Whoops "the Wonder Dog" - who once foiled armed burglars at Glynn's house - died 24 hours after vets found a tumour on her liver.