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the quality of being beneficial and generally good for you

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The long term action plans involves restoration of wholesomeness of river Ganga, and maintaining the ecological and geological integrity of river.
Retailers need to help consumers understand the wholesomeness of lightly processed canned and frozen fruit and vegetables.
These creamy, buttery, delicately flavoured shortbreads are available in 140g windowed boxes that showcase their luscious wholesomeness.
From the urban landscapes of Cleveland--recently seen by millions on TV, thanks to the Republican National Convention--to picture-perfect rural Midwestern wholesomeness, Ohio offers a diverse helping of all-American locations.
Home cooks no longer have to choose between speedy meal prep and wholesomeness.
Included are shows that broke new ground, influenced the future, and left a lasting mark, ranging from the wholesomeness of Leave It to Beaver or The Andy Griffith Show through the mod cool of Laugh-In and The Avengers to the present day.
One of Skoda's strongest assets is the halo of old-fashioned wholesomeness that puts you in a car category all your own.
The Centre said the long- term plan would emerge from the Ganga River Basin Management Plan being prepared by a consortium of seven IITs for restoring the wholesomeness of Ganga in terms of the defining concept of ensuring Nirmal Dhara and Aviral Dhara and maintaining geological and ecological integrity of the river.
Increasingly retailers in the Gulf and other parts of the world including China are sourcing innovative products from Northern Ireland because of their reputation for outstanding taste, wholesomeness and safety.
Archie first appeared in comics in 1941 and went on to become a colorful icon of wholesomeness.
Its richness complements the sumptuous texture of caviar and the wholesomeness of fresh toast points.
All consumer-submitted ingredient lists will first be screened by Just BARE lead culinary enthusiast, Lisa Golden Schroeder, on whether the ingredients are viable for the type of recipe category designated by the submitter, and then assessed on their uniqueness, wholesomeness and availability.
Superman was raised by humble farmers in the rural wholesomeness of Kansas; Batman was born to socialites amid the dystopian mess of Gotham City.
Previously, ARS scientists developed a spectral line-scan imaging system for the automated online wholesomeness inspection of broilers.
And so it goes with Vanessa Hudgens, who ditches the vanilla wholesomeness of the High School Musical franchise to play a rifle-wielding bikini babe in this adults-only erotic drama.