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Synonyms for wholesome

Synonyms for wholesome

not lewd or obscene

Antonyms for wholesome

conducive to or characteristic of physical or moral well-being

sound or exhibiting soundness in body or mind

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All the good literature and noble art in our own and other countries has been sane, moral, and serious in its object; nor can life be wholesomely lived under guidance of brilliant paradoxes and corrosive epignims.
In this case, the wholesomely sexless Hannah is the Disney Channel TV show's bewigged alter ego of wholesomely sexless high schooler Miley Stewart; both played by wholesomely sexless Pia Zadora lookalike Miley Cyrus.
A classic story of a young boy's coming of age, the casual cruelty of children, the power of imagination, the magic of friendship, the effect of sudden and unexpect loss, "Bridge To Terabithia" is visually spectacular, deeply engaging, profoundly thoughtful, and wholesomely entertaining.
This was to be the first time that sanctions were applied to a country that was perceived to fall short of implementing wholesomely IMF policy recommendations in the context of surveillance.
Henry, however, found it invaluable: "'We wholesomely breathed inconsistency and ate and drank contradictions'" (Allport, 1943, p.
NEPAD has wholesomely and uncritically adopted 'neo-liberal democracy' cum Keynesian free market political economy.
Levine goes without seeing Fahrenheit 9/11, which for a self-described "rurally urban, wholesomely hip, ironically butchy" New Yorker must truly have been torture.
Also savoring of antiquity is John's support for a council of elders or senate, for "it is impossible to administer princely power (principatum) wholesomely if the prince does not act on the counsel of wise men" (V:6).
Fang to the House of Correction for one month; with the appropriate and amusing remark that since he had so much breath to spare, it would be more wholesomely expended on the treadmill than in a musical instrument.
Second, some interesting minutiae on the industry of pilgrimage and, more important, an understanding of pilgrimage as both wholesomely isolating and deeply communal.
Up to her elbows in a pair of thick rubber Marigolds and clutching a handful of cleaning cloth as though her life depended on it, the wholesomely beautiful Charlotte scrubbed and rubbed at the bath until there was a rosy bloom in her cheeks and not a hint of dirt left on the enamel.
In her break-out movie before she grows up and turns into Ally McBeal, Lizzie (the wholesomely kittenish Hilary Duff) goes on a school trip to Rome and meets a cute Italian popstar at the Trevi Fountain.
James Murray and Rupert Evans as Gertrude's two sons, William and Paul, were wholesomely handsome hunks with bee-stung lips, intended to appeal to America.