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someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants rather than to the ultimate customers

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A leading wholesaler executive admitted the problem when he said POS data is needed to do proper category management.
I know one exceedingly successful wine wholesaler who has added thousands of cases a year to his volume by getting his key salsmen to make talks and put on wine demonstrations before civic and social clubs.
The same philosophy governs the relationship between the IGA wholesaler and retailer today.
However, as small brewers point out, if big brewer consolidation has changed the landscape, so has wholesaler consolidation.
Pro Wholesaler will complement the stable of industry-leading titles William Reed publishes, which also includes Convenience Store and OLN.
When the market opened and the wholesalers saw the traffic, they began to understand and, eventually, embrace the concept of retail.
Van Steenwyk says mail-order wines "salt the mine," expanding the market and creating demand that wholesalers and retailers fill.
There are exceptions, of course, with some duplicate product lines, but the important consideration is that the wholesaler acts as a sales representative of the food manufacturer and helps the manufacturer promote and sell the product.
On a nationwide basis the report shows that in the time period considered American alcohol wholesalers contributed $50 million to state political campaigns, far and away out-contributing other sectors of the American alcohol industry including wineries, beer producers and retailers -- combined.
From those responses, the winners were chosen based on the number of times a wholesaler was mentioned and the quality of the supporting reasons given by retailers.
Another pointed out that it also guaranteed wholesalers custom and core income, but admitted there was a potential conflict of interest.
Different applications of life insurance require different competencies of the wholesaler and the retail representative.
John Harrington, president of the Council for Periodical Distributors Associations, a wholesaler trade group, said that about 85 distributors had gone out of business or merged since last summer when the trend started, leaving about 100.
The enormous amount of political contributions dwarfs that of any other sector of the American alcohol industry as well as numerous other groups and coincides with the enactment alcohol wholesaler-supported policies in nearly every state that protect the wholesaler.