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someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants rather than to the ultimate customers

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In an ideal world, the brewer and wholesaler would come to an amicable resolution of the relationship.
The bill doesn't stop brewers from changing distributors, but if they do, the wholesaler who's been promoting your product wants fair market value for what we've done for you.
One wholesaler claimed suppliers were cancelling orders if a company temporarily breached a credit limit, but that wholesalers were not aware of this until they chased the order.
The computer games wholesaler will offer a wide range of games and game related accessories.
But they can pay 10-20% less than what a wholesaler would.
Unless beer trading is normalized, wholesalers face a crisis of extinction,'' said an executive at a wholesaler.
Safeco Life and Investments is now offering a platform to its internal wholesalers and other sales professionals that streamlines distribution and reaches more intermediaries and also effectively uses technology and reduces the cost of the sales process.
Four local residents, including former Santa Clarita Councilwoman Jill Klajic, sued to block the $63 million purchase, claiming the agency was chartered as a wholesaler, not a retailer.
The pharmacy provider's wholesaler should have a large, active inventory (20,000+ SKUs) and a broad base of acute, alternate-site and retail customers.
His plans are to expand next spring and purchase different types of rough lumber, grade and sell it, and value-added forestry products, to various wholesalers.
Rate distribution systems can't distinguish between the preferences of each wholesaler to the degree desired by the wholesaler.
As a matter of fact, there is one large wholesaler with more than 300 corporate stores that doesn't even collect POS data at distribution sites from its company owned stores.
In addition, the report, entitled "Wholesale Protection," found that the California Beer & Beverage Distributors Association was among the top ten alcohol wholesaler entities nationwide when it came to state political contributions.
One prominent Massachusetts craft brewer sputtered that we should change the name of our publication to "Modern Wholesaler Age.
The bill would further tighten already restrictive franchise laws, making it even more difficult and expensive for any brewer - large or small - to change wholesalers, even if the wholesaler fails to perform and is not living up to contractual obligations.