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Synonyms for wholesale

Synonyms for wholesale

the selling of goods to merchants

sell in large quantities

ignoring distinctions


Related Words

at a wholesale price


on a large scale without careful discrimination

References in classic literature ?
Yet it must be owned that sometimes they are not all quite his own, but parts are taken wholesale from other men's works or are translated from the French.
In the first there is a vivid picture of the terrible evils which England was suffering through war, lawlessness, the wholesale and foolish application of the death penalty, the misery of the peasants, the absorption of the land by the rich, and the other distressing corruptions in Church and State.
I'll murder your birds by wholesale, just for keeping me away from better company than either you or them.
I am by no means a wholesale admirer of our legal solemnities, many of which impress me as being exceedingly ludicrous.
He had virtually retired from the wholesale hardware trade before he built Stone Lodge, and was now looking about for a suitable opportunity of making an arithmetical figure in Parliament.
He had doubts whether reference to any individual capital, or fortune, might not seem a wretchedly retail affair to so wholesale a dealer.
The artistic taste of some unknown hatter had furnished him with a hatband of wholesale capacity which was fluted behind, from the crown of his hat to the brim, and terminated in a black bunch, from which the imagination shrunk discomfited and the reason revolted.
This functionary, being, of course, well used to such scenes; looking upon all kinds of robbery, from petty larceny up to housebreaking or ventures on the highway, as matters in the regular course of business; and regarding the perpetrators in the light of so many customers coming to be served at the wholesale and retail shop of criminal law where he stood behind the counter; received Mr Brass's statement of facts with about as much interest and surprise, as an undertaker might evince if required to listen to a circumstantial account of the last illness of a person whom he was called in to wait upon professionally; and took Kit into custody with a decent indifference.
Marks Wholesale Socks twitter account is managed by David Marks and will display Free Socks on Friday and discounted items for the Wholesale Socks business.
D's Jewelry, the biggest wholesale jewelry store in Atlanta with over 8,000 square feet and over 75,000 different items, is committed to provide an innovative online shopping experience for costumers on its new website.
Wholesale distribution of motor vehicles and motor vehicle supplies
Owner of that property and a number of others in the wholesale district--a swath of territory centered around Broadway from 26th to 30th Street--Kew was wise to various abuses commonly committed by wholesalers in the area.
Maxum Indemnity distributes through wholesale brokers and general agents and writes a variety of primary and low-layer excess general, product and professional liability.
At the end of 2000, 10 backbone providers generated 92 percent of all wholesale ISP revenues.
From prepaid calling cards to Internet browsers to discount long distance, his battlefield--the multibillion dollar world of wholesale services--is the fastest growing segment of the long-distance industry.