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Synonyms for wholeheartedness

the quality of hearty sincerity


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undivided commitment or unreserved enthusiasm

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ambivalently [encompassing] continuity and rupture, inclusion and exclusion' (Amaut 2005: 112) helps us to understand the wholeheartedness with which young Ivorians, who have neither experienced colonialism nor the era of independence, debate and relate their lives and political visions to the history of independence, as expressed in oratory, writings and performances of the Ivorian patriotic youth.
The Prosperous Soul" is packed with amazing insights, practical instruction, and logical conclusions for finding completeness in each of the eight realms that make up wholeness or wholeheartedness in the Christian Life.
Journal entries portrayed participants that displayed Dewey's open-mindedness or the commitment to consider different perspectives, wholeheartedness or the determination to make significant changes (Yost et al.
The commitment and positive attitudes of the immediate boss, acting as facilitator, and the wholeheartedness and drive of the respective QCs' members are most crucial in making the QCs effective.
From his viewpoint, rational and systematic thoughts require three integral qualities: open-mindedness, wholeheartedness, and intellectual responsibility.
It seemed that the Scottish people had finally proved to Welsh that they were no longer victims, and had earned the right to a new narrative--one which, unlike miserablism, is empowered by vulnerability As researcher and self-help guru Brene Brown points out in her book Daring Greatly, out of vulnerability comes wholeheartedness and the confidence to know that, although the future is uncertain, our mistakes teach us to grow stronger and give us the courage to survive them.
Varga argues that authenticity is wholeheartedness with a twist.
His positional play, impressive considering his natural position is as a right-back, allowed him to make a series of well-timed interceptions, whilst his wholeheartedness - a key reason for his selection ahead of Cissokho - was in evidence as he competed well against the livewire Mirallas.
The antidote tor exhaustion is not necessarily rest but wholeheartedness.
With energy and wholeheartedness it cheered, comforted, and stimulated the people.
Our capacity for wholeheartedness can never be greater than our willingness to be brokenhearted; again, it goes back to the idea that we are so afraid of feeling pain and feeling loss that we opt to live disappointed rather than to feel disappointed.
In explaining the virtue's moral psychology this paper shows, among other things, its consistency with wholeheartedness and the unity of the virtues.
Continues to lead by example, play with enthusiasm, cleverness and usual wholeheartedness.
Furthermore, the growth of Buddhism is seen as independent of its spread in culture--what matters is not the number of believers or practitioners but the wholeheartedness of whomever practices (50).
Intellectual tools enable teachers to learn from their experiences, and they both assume and develop particular habits of mind: open mindedness (seeking alternatives), responsibility (recognizing the consequences of one's actions), and wholeheartedness (continual self-examination).