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a musical interval of two semitones

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FLYING START THE way the Swans flew out of the traps at the Liberty set the whole tone for this one.
In addition to this service of translation and explication, the whole tone and thrust of the new edition strikes me as acutely pertinent for us as teachers and for our students--the latter often being unfortunately ill-prepared (in background) and frequently "unreaderly" given the sociocultural context in which they have been educated.
After that, explore even more scale types: whole tone scale.
Relyea's performance as Bertram--the role written just as high as Wagner's Wotan but with bass notes a whole tone lower--is very fine, too.
In the first minute of the match, Mohammad Al Akberi missed a sitter which could have changed the whole tone of the encounter, but he shot straight at Cristian Hernandez, the Honduras goalkeeper, after being sent clear by Suhail Al Noobi.
The whole tone was far less forced, there was no attempt to over-hype or gimmick overload.
The whole tone of the movie was lighter than the LOTR trilogy, but Jackson still provided quiet scenes that provide the most weight in the story.
At the beginning of the third book, Hauge translates Fludd as writing The whole tone is the perfect interval between two pitches, containing two unequal semitone's; or the whole tone is a percussion of air unresolved all the way to the sense of hearing" (p.
The primary reciting tones in the various sections of this chant ascend and descend by semitone and whole tone, and even though the vocal range is very narrow, the manang creates tension at the various points in the chant by the rising tonal framework.
Glassock features the whole tone and pentatonic scales in "Two butterflies" A descending whole tone scale on the last four notes of m.
The whole tone of the letter is racist, bigoted and supports a certain political agenda.
Instead, the whole tone of his letter is gratuitously offensive.
The times I've been at Manchester United, I appreciate the way Sir Alex has set a whole tone within the club.
The times I've been at Manchester United I appreciate the way Sir Alex has set a whole tone within the club.
Al Jazeera's James Bays, reporting from the Afghan capital, Kabul, said: "The whole tone of this news conference has been moderate.