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a musical interval of two semitones

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Phillips is hoping to see Welsh rugby as a whole step up a gear this season, from the club sides to the national team.
This whole step process is detailed as a typical home page, shown in Figure 2, which comes up after the initial assessment is concluded.
The first phrase, then, introduces four normative musical ideas: the prominence of the F[MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]-G[MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] dyad, the dialectic of semitone versus whole-tone melodic motion, the association of octatonic harmony with stability, and the motive of an upward leap followed by an ascending whole step, accentuated by its distortion at the end of the phrase.
But you speak about implementation as a whole step ahead of that - what we need to do inside the organization so that eventually we will able to do something different out there.
The fast Waltz movement (MM = 92 to the bar) is a different study of contrasts: the rhythmic motion is quarters and eighths, and the piano often has only one note per hand (in octaves) with the notable exception of a little whole step cluster motif that introduces the movement.
The piano features an octave figure that reflects the passing of time and repeated falling half and whole step intervals that give the feeling of anguish.
The garbage disposal element is going a whole step beyond.
Although Polignac refers to his discovery as the "chromatico-diatonic" scale and uses the labels A, B, and C for its three collections (unlike all modern theorists), he clearly identifies the scale's main properties: its alternating half step, whole step construction, its symmetry around the minor third and tritone, its limitation to three distinct collections, and the range of triads and seventh chords that can be formed on each of the four nodes of the scale.
But this year workers eligible for a whole step will instead only get half of that, a 2.
The whole Step experience has been of exceptional benefit to the company and we are looking forward to welcoming next year's student to the business.
The X-Y-X system came out of the so called French sixth chord which is two major thirds separated by a whole step and its inversion two major seconds separated by a major third.
18 is altered to a D, creating interval expansion and leading into the sequence of the tritone pattern a whole step higher in m.
Consequently, if the bass clarinetist plays the notated multiphonic, it will sound a whole step too low and will not create the intended unison tones with the marimba.
Hence, the total sum is a whole step between the first and third sections (A and A"), and the resulting tonal scheme--among the three sections-is loosely classified as G-[A.
To solve a particularly difficult tonal transition created by one of his suggested omissions, Morosan has even proposed transposing twelve measures of music up a whole step (p.