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a musical interval of two semitones

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Competitive games are a whole step up again, and nothing can replicate those early matches when everything is done at 100 miles an hour and players are still adjusting, but I think we're in as good a shape as we can be.
This eliminates a whole step for its customers, which many times are smaller producers with limited resources.
That's a whole step further than celebrating and even mischievously rubbing it in a bit.
If the customer wants a telephone customer-service course, and if the trainer can monitor random calls for an hour and hear obviously undertrained responses to customer inquiries, then the whole step of determining the training need can be collapsed into one morning.
He added: "There is no underlying hatred, whereas Lennon's situation has gone a whole step further.
Phillips is hoping to see Welsh rugby as a whole step up a gear this season, from the club sides to the national team.
This whole step process is detailed as a typical home page, shown in Figure 2, which comes up after the initial assessment is concluded.
The garbage disposal element is going a whole step beyond.
Although Polignac refers to his discovery as the "chromatico-diatonic" scale and uses the labels A, B, and C for its three collections (unlike all modern theorists), he clearly identifies the scale's main properties: its alternating half step, whole step construction, its symmetry around the minor third and tritone, its limitation to three distinct collections, and the range of triads and seventh chords that can be formed on each of the four nodes of the scale.
Elimination of the outer jacket cuts out a whole step from the termination process.
But this year workers eligible for a whole step will instead only get half of that, a 2.
The whole Step experience has been of exceptional benefit to the company and we are looking forward to welcoming next year's student to the business.