whole kit and caboodle

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I cannot see any one among the whole kit and caboodle at the Palace of Yes Minister looking remotely capable of achieving either goal.
And where spray foam is usually hidden or its excess cut away, here it forms two rosebuds of sorts that keep the whole kit and caboodle from toppling over.
We know a lot of people who, while certainly enjoying the holidays, really are done with the whole kit and caboodle come New Year's.
If it winds up taking you three days to trim out the basement, you could have bought the whole kit and caboodle for less than the rental cost.
The way she's acting tonight, it looks like she wants the whole kit and caboodle - the husband, the kids, the little house on Coronation Street, weekends in the Isle Of Man, and a lifetime's supply of brisket.
25 from Haydock Park, racing's stop-start nature lends itself perfectly to combining the whole kit and caboodle without detracting from the on-course experience.
The easiest way to find the set up you're looking for is to buy another MAS 49/56 with the whole kit and caboodle on it.
Finally, "If we don't do something about our imperiled social security system, retirees could lose the whole kit and caboodle.
Under this alternative, the Court disappoints and confuses everyone and throws the whole kit and caboodle mess back to the state legislatures.