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a story about a crime (usually murder) presented as a novel or play or movie

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A genuine musical whodunit could have made an inventive concept.
With the begrudging approval of his boss, he takes on the case in The Big Drugstore, a thoroughly enjoyable whodunit by Patrick Irelan.
Set in the Age of Fighting Sail, right at the close of the 18th century, A Game of Bones is a seagoing adventure novel with seasonings of whodunit.
A spine-tingling new whodunit by John Goodrum, inspired by the murders in Victorian Whitechapel, which has a deliciously wicked sting in the tail.
Superman whodunit pulls the cape off seamier side of fame
The team of Ron and Janet Benrey craft a tantalizing love story behind the whodunit tale of poison, pets hovering by to encourage the sleuths, and the world of art, tea, and baking.
Daria Karpova brings back some fun to the literary forum with a dose of action mixed with adventure, opposites and attractions, and a little whodunit for good measure.
This is a thoroughly modern, complex, and entertaining romp of a whodunit.
cliff-hanger will continue - just like the classic Dallas whodunit when JR Ewing was shot.
Returning to the scene of the crime, Sternfeld inverts the tropes of the whodunit genre by working wit the evidence missing--no body bags, no chalk marks, no blood on the pavement; for the most part, no people.
The story is an artful combination of a business case study of a fledgling public company during the bubble and an intriguing whodunit.
A POPULAR exhibition - A Hawaiian Whodunit 1779 - at Middlesbrough's Captain Cook Birthplace Museum has been extended until further notice.
With ``Curtains'' being a whodunit murder mystery where the killer targets the detective, Cioffi has some non-dancing peril to contend with as well.
Nehring puts together a very entertaining whodunit in A TREASURE TO DIE FOR.