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Synonyms for whiz

to make a continuous low-pitched droning sound

to make a sharp sibilant sound

a continuous low-pitched droning sound

a person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field

Synonyms for whiz

someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field

a buzzing or hissing sound as of something traveling rapidly through the air

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make a soft swishing sound

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It's the same whiz wheel ASA has sold for years, but enhanced with color markings for easier readability.
So seeing Victor getting all chummy with Whiz made me feel kinda funny, especially since I hadn't introduced Whiz to Victor.
After she moves that packet to one side, the Whiz packet is
Transfusion with its 'PEP Learning Suite' will also facilitate Whiz Mantra to provide the program online to children in cities where Whiz Mantra is currently not having a physical presence.
Matty G Whiz, ridden by Martin Garcia, wins the first race of Hollywood Park's 36-day autumn session on Wednesday.
An occasional Ski Whiz will turn up at Massey tractor shows, but until last February, there'd never been anything like a Ski Whiz convention.
OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS OR SO, MOST COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY campuses have been witnessing the expansion of presentation system and other media technology in lecture hafts and classrooms, and like the advent of most technology, it has come as a "gee whiz, that's neat" experience first, a "this can realty improve teaching and learning" experience later.
Even with this handicap, though, the whiz kids have been moving to the front of the class at Hollywood High.
While I share the frustration of customers charged $74 for Cheez Whiz and a Slim Jim by a zombie-like supermarket cashier, I don't think it's fair to blame the current state of numeracy on methods designed to engage children in the understanding of mathematics.
A clue to what they now view as the most likely mechanism for the double-bond rearrangement came from Cheese Whiz -- a processed food made from cheddar, mozzarella and whey concentrate.
Practically the entire novel appears in summary form, which means that twists, turns and untoward events whiz past at an alarming rate.
tv), Whiz joined his Chief Investment Strategist, Jud Pyle, to discuss Cramer's recent opinion of BA.
DUNELM OPTICAL has introduced nine new fun frames to its popular Whiz Kids range.
com)-- Enigma Games announces the release of their latest game, Whiz Racer.