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Synonyms for Whittle

whittle something or someone down

Synonyms for Whittle

English aeronautical engineer who invented the jet aircraft engine (1907-1996)

cut small bits or pare shavings from


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Hecla in a snow storm, -- landlord, stop whittling.
There was empty drygoods boxes under the awnings, and loafers roosting on them all day long, whittling them with their Barlow knives; and chawing tobacco, and gaping and yawning and stretching -- a mighty ornery lot.
Sometimes, notwithstanding the snow, when I returned from my walk at evening I crossed the deep tracks of a woodchopper leading from my door, and found his pile of whittlings on the hearth, and my house filled with the odor of his pipe.
Synopsis: Whittling is an art form that can be as simple or as complex as you like.
In addition to whittling fundamentals, Classic Whittling includes a wealth of sample projects, from interlinking hearts and ball-in-a-cage to "fan birds" (with delicate wingfeathers spread wide), spoons, whistles, walking sticks and much more.