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Synonyms for Whittle

whittle something or someone down

Synonyms for Whittle

English aeronautical engineer who invented the jet aircraft engine (1907-1996)

cut small bits or pare shavings from


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Whittle concluded that the piston engines then in use would not be able to fly the faster speeds and longer distances that he desired; to achieve this, planes would also need to fly at higher altitudes.
Despite these setbacks, Whittle filed a patent on 16 January 1930.
Mr Whittle said: "When we closed King Street to move into our brand new shop, we kept the ground floor at King Street open for a few weeks to clear our old stock and it proved very popular.
David Whittle and Caroline Whittle (right) with employees Amber McNulty (second left) and |Zoe Hopgood outside their new outlet store in the Pack Horse Centre
Fifty-six-year-old Geoff Whittle, who wrote the book, about his and wife Cherrie's life-changing decision to quit Britain, says: "My two sons, Jamie and Olly, were 9 and 11-years-old when we decided to leave the UK.
A court heard how Carol McMillan went 'berserk' and booted helpless Ann Whittle three times in the face - triggering a fatal heart attack.
The High Court in Glasgow heard gran-of two Mrs Whittle, 58, and husband Norman visited a car boot sale at the fruit market in the city's east end last AugustManoeuvre She stood guard over a space as her husband tried to manoeuvre their Vauxhall Corsa into it.
LOYAL customers have warmly welcomed the return of David and Caroline Whittle to Huddersfield fashion store Peters.
Mr Whittle said: "We have been inundated with cards and letters of congratulations and goodwill.
But why was the Whittle family's pain and anguish so prolonged by the judicial system?
There was no doubt that McMillan's vicious attack on Ann Whittle led to her death.
Judge Lady Dorrian heard that McMillan wrestled 58-year-old Mrs Whittle to the ground in a row over a parking space at a car boot sale.
David and Caroline Whittle are back at the helm of Huddersfield town centre fashion store Peter's.