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someone who whittles (usually as an idle pastime)

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A man in 34C said he was a whittler from Whistler who sold miniature Sasquatch figurines to the apres-ski crowd and couldn't have done it without his grant.
Jacoby, Troutman, and Whittler (1986) found that respondents miscomprehended nearly one fourth of the material in the 1980 debate between Reagan and Carter.
Journalist and humorist Kin Hubbard: "Knowin' all about baseball is just about as profitable as bein' a good whittler.
See Charles Chao Liu, Note, China's Lawyer System: Dawning Upon the World Through a Torturous Process, 23 WHITTLER L.
Andrey Reeves, President (313) 839-5626 10900 Whittler Detroit, MI 48224 First Media Group Public Relations Empl: 4 Ms.
Applicants should send resume and cover letter to: Undersheriff Zelda Whittler, Cook County Sheriff's Office, 50 W.
Look for these hard-working hunting knives at a Case dealer near you, and ask about the Seahorse Whittler and Cheetah, two newly released classics.
Specifically, audience members or research participants who indicated that they identified strongly with their own ethnic groups have been found to prefer communication delivered by a source of similar ethnicity (Deshpande & Stayman, 1994; Whittler, 1991; Williams & Qualls, 1989).
Zelda Whittler is the first female to be named Cook County, Ill.
catamaran excursion vessel, was launched from the Nichols Brothers Boat Builders' Whidbey Island yard in early June and delivered to Phillips Cruises & Tours, which operates sightseeing tours on Prince William Sound out of Whittler, Alaska.
About $14 for this three-blade whittler, one of many designs.
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Ed Whittler, senior attorney at Peterson & Price, said everyone in the firm is looking forward to moving into larger, more convenient space in this new landmark on the west side.
For example, Blacks react more positively to advertisements that include a Black spokesperson (Appiah, 2001; Schlinger & Plummer, 1972; Whittler & Spira, 2002), and Hispanic consumers show favorable attitudes to spokespersons from their own ethnic group (Cano & Ortinau, 2012).