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Synonyms for Whittle

whittle something or someone down

Synonyms for Whittle

English aeronautical engineer who invented the jet aircraft engine (1907-1996)

cut small bits or pare shavings from


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After the break Borders whittled away at the visitors' lead with two more Warnock penalties.
By Friday, the council was chagrined enough by the reaction to its overreach that the proposal had been whittled away to just a ban on Silly String in Hollywood on Halloween - as if there will be many cops around to enforce it.
Walker went out fast from the start but Christmas whittled away her lead and went ahead in the last 50 metres only for the West Midland runner to respond and squeeze through to get the verdict in a thrilling finish.
In their work, voice itself is story, even when narrative has been whittled away to a sliver.
The Beavers whittled away but got no closer than three, 53-50.
In a time of federal budget deficits, and with Superfund's core funding stream whittled away to $28 million, accelerated cleanup seems too good to be true.
She may have sounded like a neocon when she spoke of America as the "indispensable nation," but she tried to cut deals with two of the three members of the axis of evil, Iron and North Korea, and she stood idly by as the economic sanctions she had championed early in the 1990s against its third member, Iraq, were whittled away by smuggling, lax enforcement, mad outright defiance.
But as with any competition submission, it is only a sketch of the final solution, and as it evolves over time, there is a danger that this strong concept can fall victim to the normal forces of New York City development; and be whittled away behind the scenes and out of public view.
The distinguishing characteristics of assisted living are so important in the field of long term care that we have to do our best to make sure they do not get whittled away by the wrong type of regulatory system or by an apathetic publicpolicy environment.
Safeguards preventing serious corporate abuse have been whittled away in recent years and must be restored.
TCBY whittled away from Stone & Ward last year," Cox said, referring to the Little Rock yogurt company that sold to Capricorn Investors of Stamford, Conn.
One population boom gets whittled away by several seasons of dwindling.
While Misys continues to be content to see its market share whittled away, eager young outfits like Policy Master will continue to prosper.
The comic, famous for his impersonations of Northern Ireland politicians, revealed that his earnings were being whittled away by crafty bootleggers and market stall operators.
In the 19th century the large-rents and accompanying tax exemptions were whittled away as the Ch'ing state tried to increase land tax revenue, and finally abolished by the Japanese colonial government.