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According to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks statistics, the whitetail population in Region 6 (northeast Montana) is up about 20 percent over the 10-year average from 2006-T5.
While I enjoy reading about the exotic stuff, in my home state of Pennsylvania, I primarily hunt whitetails.
I read Jason Snavely's Whitetails column about finding shed antlers (April/May 2017) with great suspicion.
Secret in Whitetail Lake" is very highly recommended for community library Mystery/Suspense collections.
Big Whitetail Dreams is an organization focused on developing premium products for the dedicated deer hunter.
Enhanced with a six part Reference Section: B&C Whitetail Records and Distribution; Field Photo Tips; Suggested Reading; Wildlife/Hunting Organizations; About the Authors; and Acknowledgements, "Boone and Crockett Club's Complete Guide to Hunting Whitetails: Deer Hunting Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Success in the Field" is an ideal addition to any personal or community library Hunting/Fishing reference collection.
We were looking for a passionate, hardcore whitetail expert who understands the importance of quality hunting apparel and can effectively articulate that message to other whitetail fanatics.
Odocoileusvirginianus leucurus - one of about 30 subspecies of whitetail - once inhabited the entire Willamette Valley as well as the foothills of the surrounding mountains.
But six-year-old Whitetail, a veteran of 15 channel crossings, did not return.
DEC estimates that even with last fall's record take, whitetail populations are still too high in 60 percent of the state.
And that abundance of big, dangerous animals helps explain why the timid whitetail deer has such a mystical hold on American outdoorsmen.
The whitetail lives on some of the most beautiful, most accessible landscapes of our country, another reason we should stubbornly protect our precious natural environment everywhere at any cost.
DMB Realty Network Selected to Lead Whitetail Club's Real Estate Sales and Marketing
We trophy whitetail hunters spend most of our lives waiting.
having the most skills and least vulnerability, the mature whitetail deer stands alone.