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(of hair) having lost its color


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He approached as softly as he could, and advancing so near the wall as to brush the whitened ivy with his dress, listened.
This was uttered as they were proceeding, at a pace that was adapted to the weakness of Louisa, toward the highway; on reaching which the ladies separated from their guide, declaring themselves equal to the remainder of the walk without his assistance, and feeling encouraged by the sight of the village which lay beneath their feet like a picture, with its limpid lake in front, the winding stream along its margin, and its hundred chimneys of whitened bricks.
It occurred to me even then, that in the course of a few days the moon must pass through its last quarter, and the nights grow dark, when the appearances of these unpleasant creatures from below, these whitened Lemurs, this new vermin that had replaced the old, might be more abundant.
At the end of another two hours the horses had gone twelve leagues without stopping; their legs began to tremble, and the foam they shed whitened the doublets of their masters.
It was about ten o'clock when Hetty set off, and the slight hoar- frost that had whitened the hedges in the early morning had disappeared as the sun mounted the cloudless sky.
It seemed as though no caravan had ever braved this desert expanse, or it would have left visible traces of its encampments, or the whitened bones of men and animals.
The light scattering causes the perceptible color change of whitened appearance at the surface of the part.
Especially for special occasions like weddings, graduations or family reunions, getting teeth whitened can make patients feel younger and have more confidence to show off their smile.
Visitors will have the chance to find out more about Megawhite's lucrative licensee packages and can even have their teeth whitened on the day.
If you choose to go ahead it's also worth noting that crowns, veneers and dentures can't be whitened, which would leave you with mismatched dentistry.
QI used to get my teeth whitened in a high street studio but it closed down.
Researchers at Loma Linda University have found that imme- diately after treatment teeth whitened with the Zoom System (lamp and gel) are 48% whiter than teeth whitened with gel alone.
After an hour of answering a long list of questions and learning everything there was to know about teeth whitening, I took my seat in the dentist's chair, filled with a mixture of excitement and disbelief that I was finally going to have whitened teeth.
Use of serially whitened photographs, such as those utilized in this study, can assist practitioners in initiating the necessary dialogue for reaching consensus on whitening expectations.
The latest in laser technology means that teeth can be whitened in a matter of minutes.