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Cotton experts told here on Sunday that heavy rains in Bahawalpur, Lodhran, Multan, Vehari, Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffar Garh, Khanewal and other areas have caused insects attack including whitefly, Lashkari Sunndi and Chust Tela on cotton crop.
At least one species, Cales noacki Howard, is globally distributed having been implemented in successful biological control programs for control of woolly whitefly, Aleurothrixus floccosus (Maskell), a severe pest of Citrus in many countries (Meyerdirk et al.
A pest of ornamental trees first detected in California in 1988, the ash whitefly became a considerable nuisance for homeowners and businesses because of the sticky film that covered everything underneath an infested tree.
Exposing the whitefly to a heady aroma of cucumber, courgette, watercress, watermelon, cabbage and beans, the team found the insects became temporarily disorientated.
You can't do it - or at least not properly or effi-ciently - and it's the same for the whitefly.
The whitefly has broad host range as 600 hundreds species, so called as broadly polyphagous in nature [1, 810].
Probably the best known is the pairing of tagetes and tomato plants to keep whitefly away.
HANG yellow sticky cards in the greenhouse to trap whitefly.
Matthew Biggs, a panellist on Gardeners' Question Time, suggests: "One novel method of removal is to knock the leaves and suck up the whitefly with a vacuum cleaner as they fly up into the air.
EASY Hang up yellow sticky traps in the greenhouse to catch whitefly and aphids mid flight.
In Sindh, the growers of brassica crops face a lot of problems from insect pests, particularly whitefly, thrips, aphid and painted bug.
QMy tomatoes were plagued by whitefly this year and nothing I sprayed on them seemed to help.
The reason you have been warned not to plant hibiscus is probably due to the whitefly insect scourge that has been ravaging this plant throughout Southern California for more than a decade.
MY wife reckons you can get wasps through the post which kill whitefly.