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Dr Noorul Islam said the PARB had given two projects on management of whitefly and pink boll worth 75 million to the Department of Entomology UAF in which eight agricultural institutions across the province were working collectively for the noble cause.
Percent population reduction (SE+-) of whitefly and jassid at different time intervals and at various concentrations of neem seed extract (NSE) on Bt and Non-Bt cotton cultivars.
The population of whitefly started appearing from 1st September, 2010 to 30th May, 2011 (Table-1).
High rainfall resulted in increased relative humidity due to which activity of whitefly decreased and consequently TLCVD incidence minimized.
Srinivasan said that climate and weather patterns are huge reasons why whitefly populations are so high.
Use them as a sacrificial crop to save your brassicas, while in the greenhouse they'll protect your tomatoes and cucumbers from whitefly.
Several landscapes in Palm Beach have been encountered with the biotype Q whitefly and it is the first time this whitefly has been detected outside of a nursery or greenhouse.
4 million bales after pink bollworm and whitefly attacks.
TLCV is transmitted by whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in a persistent and circulative manner.
Damage from the whitefly attack on the Bt cotton variety in Punjab and Haryana is likely to be extensive and has even been blamed for farmer suicides, according to local officials and experts.
The Congress has estimated the scam to be around ` 1,700 crore and has demanded a CBI probe into the alleged purchase of spurious pesticides to deal with whitefly pest attack on the cotton crop in the state.
Some of these pests, including sudden oak death, thousand cankers disease, giant reed, Sahara mustard, ash whitefly, sweetpotato whitefly biotype B, glassy-winged sharpshooter, olive fruit fly and spotted wing drosophila, were first detected and became problematic after 1980, within the timeframe of UC IPM.