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requiring white ties and tailcoats for men

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Moore provides a remarkable clip of the president addressing a white-tie gathering: "This is an impressive crowd--the haves and the have mores.
Remarkably, Grizzy (as he was known to friends) wore scarlet, while his fellow guests were kitted out in the traditional white-tie and tails.
Last night's white-tie banquet came at the end of the opening day of the first state visit by a Russian leader since 1874, when Tsar Alexander II came to Britain.
While attitudes have changed and become a little more relaxed in some circles, turning up at a white-tie function in a lounge suit might well have the same effect as turning up in a gorilla suit.
At a white-tie function you'll usually wear a dinner suit with with a starched, white shirt with stiff wing-collar, and white bow-tie like Fred Astaire.
Holding down a post in a foreign embassy quite often is much more than important correspondence, high-level meetings and white-tie receptions.
Figure 1 shows the 16 Strong Men looking tired but resolute in white-tie, with shining shoes, in front of the now demolished Clark Hall.
The singer raised thousands for his Aids Foundation with the auction at last night's white-tie and tiara bash.
The white-tie audience at the 113th annual Gridiron Club Dinner erupted in laughter and Clinton was on his way toward delivering a tongue-in-cheek monologue that never mentioned any scandal specifically.
True to form, there was nary a hint of red meat in Scheib's debut dinner in 1994, a white-tie affair and Clinton's first state dinner held in honor of the emperor and empress of Japan.
The Indian leader is halfway through a three-day state visit to Britain and was guest of honour at the white-tie event.