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denoting a company or law firm owned and run by members of the WASP elite who are generally conservative

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Having received an undergraduate degree from the Ivy League's Cornell University, and a law degree from New York University, Kaplan began his career as a barrister at white-shoe Wall Street law firm Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, later moving to an academic post at the city's $10,000-a-semester Benjamin Cardozo School of Law.
He also sloughed off thoughts about a culture clash with Cushman & Wakefield, a white-shoe firm that is 20 percent owned by its operators and soon to be 80 percent owned by Mitsubishi Estates when it completes its purchase from the Rockefeller Family Trust.
The defense team, headed by chief counsel William Neukom, is portrayed as full of white-shoe bunglers who lacked a taste for the jugular.
A self-described consensus builder - no Big Swinging Dick, as Michael Porter of "Liar's Poker" fame called Wall Street's 1980s kingpins - Corzine entered the fray with a commitment to launch a wholesale re-engineering of white-shoe Goldman.
The experienced group is updating the white-shoe firm with top-of-the-line computers and sophisticated software, a new phone system with voice mail and other technology.
Jeff Nahley, head of Avondale's investment banking group commented, "Our ability to attract top talent from a number of nationally recognized white-shoe firms confirms the appeal of our business model and Avondale's growing reputation in this industry.