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a slang term for Great Britain used by British troops serving abroad

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This brings us to the Saipan bridled white-eye (Zosterops conspicillatus saypani), the first candidate chosen by the DFW for translocation.
Pearlescent white-eye glaze highlights under the brow bone and lends innocence to the eye.
The signs are green, with a white-eye wash symbol, and white lettering.
Today, some of Guam's native birds, such as the Guam flycatcher and bridled white-eye, and reptiles such as the Micronesian gecko, are extinct.
A white-eye gene on the female X chromosome could be overbalanced by a red-eye gene on the pair, but a white-eye gene on the male X chromosome had nothing to balance it on the Y-chromosome stub.
The case has huge implications for First Nations across the country," said Chippewas of the Thames First Nation Chief Leslee White-Eye.
Talon Thunder White-Eye is a very determined 14 year old boy who was born on Dec.
Rota Bridled White-eye (Zosterops rotensis) We proposed on October 3 to list the Rota bridled white-eye, a small forest bird with a distinctive ring of white feathers around its eyes, as an endangered species.