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having a white border

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In a sunny spot, the white-edged leaves tend to get scorched, so grow the standard type in those areas.
Prized by the native Maori for their large white-edged tail feathers, the Huia were decimated by the European millinery trade and declared extinct in the 1920s.
He sowed the seeds of the white-edged poppy and about 200 plants grew the next year, and five had white edges.
Senecio greyi and pink-flowered 'Frank Headley' pelargonium cool everything down with their silver- and white-edged foliage.
Geranium endressii is a spreading, pink-flowered kind, Geranium wallichianum Buxton's Variety, has white-edged, china-blue flowers and beautifully mottled leaves, and Geranium sanguineum, the bloody cranesbill, has magenta flowers.
Apart from the plain green leaf form, there is a yellow variegated form and I have a few white-edged plants growing for future use.
Flamingo'has pink and white-edged leaves, while Brilliantissimum has pink leaves in spring that fade through yellow to a dull green by late summer.
However, there are variations, some smaller, with grey-green leaves or with white-edged foliage.
Easy geraniums to start with are the pink spreader Geranium endressii `Wargrave Pink', Geranium wallichianum `Buxton's Variety', which has white-edged, china-blue flowers and beautifully mottled leaves, Geranium sanguineum, the bloody cranesbill, which has magenta flowers.
If you like a touch of red in your lilies, try 'Fellowship', whose white petals each have a red stripe down the center, or 'Friendship', whose dark red, white-edged flowers face up at you.
a white-edged hose-in-hose type (flowers appear as a tube within a tube); Mme.