white-coat hypertension

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temporary rise in blood pressure in the doctor's office

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Twenty-four-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring or self-monitoring can diagnose white-coat hypertension, he said, but pulse pressure is simpler to use and is suitable for patients without aortic valvular insufficiency or aortic disease, he added.
In a case series of 318 patients, the principal reasons for referral to ABPM were blood pressure lability, disparity between home and office readings, poor blood pressure control, suspected secondary cause of hypertension, and suspected white-coat hypertension.
Ask to have it checked next time by a nurse, not your doctor Studies show that nurses cause less anxiety and this, alone, reduces white-coat hypertension.
Others believe that white-coat hypertension represents a fairly serious cardiovascular risk factor.
Plus, HARVEST participants with white-coat hypertension gained twice as much weight during follow-up.
Our findings) lend support to the view that white-coat hypertension may not be an entirely benign condition, and could constitute an early manifestation of essential hypertension," wrote lead author Dr.
Distinguishing sustained hypertension from white-coat hypertension (a condition where blood pressure is consistently elevated in the physician's office or clinic, but is normal at other times);
There was actually a recent hearing at the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) about whether 24-hour blood pressure recordings should be recognized as a useful test for diagnosing white-coat hypertension.
White-coat hypertension is a term doctors use to describe the blood-pressure-raising effects of simply coming into a doctor's office or clinic.
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) -- The Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee (MCAC) Medical Devices and Prosthetics Panel met on February 21, 2001 and unanimously voted in favor of the Company's petition to support coverage of ABPM for suspected white-coat hypertension.
Pseudoresistance to treatment can result from patients not taking prescribed medications, inaccurate blood pressure measurement, white-coat hypertension, or inadequate therapy.
For 50 years, doctors treated patients with white-coat hypertension -- about 20 percent of those diagnosed with high blood pressure -- as if the sudden rise posed a threat.
It is estimated that the condition is as prevalent as white-coat hypertension and is often missed in clinical practice, Dr.
SAN ANTONIO -- Patients with treatment-resistant hypertension and hyperaldosteronism have higher ambulatory blood pressures and less white-coat hypertension than do those with resistant hypertension and normal aldosterone levels, Dr.
The researchers assessed chlamydia seropositivity and carotid intimal medial thickness (IMT) in 90 hypertensive subjects, 60 subjects with white-coat hypertension, and 45 normotensive subjects.