white water

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frothy water as in rapids or waterfalls


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White Water has not yet responded to the complaint in court, and a phone message was not returned by press time.
The Gauley River is host to some of the most intense and beautiful white water rafting in the Eastern US.
Gold Season Passes include admission to both Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags White Water, and any other Six Flags theme park, as well as free parking and special admission for friends.
Our objective was to provide just the right amount of information in an interesting format and at the same time keep it simple," remarked Prem Ramachandran, the founder and chief storyteller at White Water Public Relations.
People enjoy white water rafting, fishing point and hot water spring in Tattapani.
Visitors to Cardiff International White Water, which hosted the Canoe Slalom World Cup in June this year, were able to have a go on the 250m white water course, which pumps up to 16 cubic metres of water per second - the equivalent of 80 bath tubs.
Summary: Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott have won the gold medal in the Olympic canoe double final at the Lee Valley White Water Centre.
CONSULTING engineers Patrick Parsons showed off a vast scale-model of their ambitious Russian white water kayaking course to engineering students from Cumbria last week.
Because the water tastes muddy and gritty after the first few sips, the black boy wonders how it would be to taste the white water, imagining it to be clean, and fine, and better.
A WELSH schoolgirl died in a white water rafting tragedy on holiday in Turkey, it emerged last night.
The thrill-seeking contest saw readers win the chance to do one of four daredevil stunts including flying a stunt plane, skydiving, swimming with sharks or splashing down white water rapids.
For lunch the sun came out and a barbecue was enjoyed, before returning for the final race white water rafting.
TrumpJet mixing technology makes it possible to use headbox stock or white water as the injection media, which replaces the need for hot water dilution, according to Wetend Technologies.
It's more exciting to write short stories about people who are white water rafting and like, their raft tips over and they all fall into the water and have to swim to shore and learn how to survive in the wild with only a hunting knife and a magnifying glass.