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As with white slavery, there is no reason to believe that the actual number of slaves in the world is anywhere near its claimed number.
While the sudden move almost a century forward is jarring at first, it highlights with great clarity links between the white slavery myth and current constructions of trafficking.
Her problems continue when she checks into a hotel owned by the leader of a white slavery ring in China.
The intelligent and interesting entries cover arts and culture; concepts, such as free love and misogyny; crime; health and medicine; institutions and organizations; legal issues and statutes; people, such as Jack the Ripper and Phryne, a famous Greek courtesan; "personnel and phenomena," such as pimps and white slavery, respectively; places and eras; and religion, from ancient times to the present.
Too often it has been surmised that the reformers' tone of moral panic over prostitution and white slavery (terms often used interchangeably in the period), as promulgated in mass culture, held sway over their audiences.
Mrs Meers, who runs the hotel is busy selling orphaned women into white slavery with the assistance of Chinese henchmen, Bun Fu and Ching Ho.
The musical's focal point, Mille Dillmount, is a pert Kansas girl who moves to the big city of New York and finds herself on the brink of a white slavery ring, all the while trying to marry her boss and become a "modern" woman.
The story of how young Kansas girl Millie Dilmount arrives in New York to start a new life with the intention of marrying her boss is rather thin - even with the added ingredient of a white slavery racket - and there are no really big numbers to grip the audience.
In fact, the assaults on white slavery helped construct a hierarchy of racial groups in the U.
White slavery was an established system at the time: a form of "regulated commercial kidnapping" whose victims were traded back for cash.
Not only are old men trolls, but now we are the enemy "driving the demand" of the 21st-century version of white slavery.
Lesley Joseph, best known for her Birds of a Feather role, is hilarious as the horrible Mrs Meers introducing an unlikely plot involving white slavery.
The Bureau, instead of investigating national and international white slavery, began to arrest individual prostitutes and their clients.
THE STORY: Tough-guy Robert Scott (Kilmer) has to find the US President's missing daughter (Bell) and stumbles on a white slavery ring just as news breaks of her accidental death.
In fact, other than quoting from this secondary material, Pivar rarely makes reference to it: the argument presented to the reader is linear and devoid of any of the controversies that have preoccupied historians in this field; for example, the question of whether white slavery was a symbolic propaganda campaign or tangible criminal calamity.