white slaver

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a person who forces women to become prostitutes

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Their support for the NATO attack on Yugoslavia led to the break-up of a multi-national state and the creation of huge NATO military bases and a white slavers paradise in Kosova.
A trainer puts some long-standing yard stalwart in a claimer and, when it is duly claimed, screams like a pig of the stuck variety that he would rather have sold his firstborn daughter to white slavers.
If you had threatened to sell their first-born to white slavers there would have been less fuss.
Hence the storm around Schapelle Corby, for not only does it tap into half-remembered stories of white slavers and penny dreadfuls of the 1920s, but also because the trial did generally fall short of both its own juridical standards and those of a more universal conception of modern justice.
As an instance, the first white slavers viewed their newly purchased chattel as potential cannibals; at the same time Africans feared that their white captors wanted to eat them.
The real mystery was a sub-plot involving Bill Bailey (another stand-up gent) and some fellows who, maybe, were white slavers.
PR people sit second in my affections only to white slavers, so I'm always sad to hear them maligned as a bunch of workshy drunkards.
Although white slavers became increasingly "oriental," white slaves did not become increasingly "occidental.
The factory house, fortifications, slave prison, watch-towers, dormitories, storerooms and power magazine, the graves of white slavers and one of their African business partners, Bai Adam, are still visible on the island.
24] Though Kiple knew that the first European-language text attesting to what can only have been yellow fever in coastal West Africa (rather than some other "fever") only dates from 1778, [25] and that the first Western-documented appearance of yellow fever in the New World was in 1647 (more than a century and a quarter earlier), he credits the time lag to a "conspiracy" of silence among white slavers and merchants working the West African coast.
The ostensible situation aboard the Republic, on its return trip from a slave-trading outpost in Senegambia, sets the black slaves - members of a mysterious tribe, the Allmuseri - against the white slavers, headed by the wretched captain Ebenezer Falcon.
Her own birth is situated uneasily between complicity and resistance: Sethe's mother bore several children fathered by white slavers, but she killed or abandoned them as soon as they were born.