white slaver

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a person who forces women to become prostitutes

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Their support for the NATO attack on Yugoslavia led to the break-up of a multi-national state and the creation of huge NATO military bases and a white slavers paradise in Kosova.
The factory house, fortifications, slave prison, watch-towers, dormitories, storerooms and power magazine, the graves of white slavers and one of their African business partners, Bai Adam, are still visible on the island.
A Certain Raquel dramatizes the life of a historical figure, Raquel Liberman, a Polish-Jewish immigrant to Argentina who was trapped into prostitution by the Zwi Migdal association of Jewish white slavers and denounced her exploiters.
THE roaring twenties are relived in Newcastle this week as flapper girls and even white slavers kick their heels at the Theatre Royal.
A trainer puts some long-standing yard stalwart in a claimer and, when it is duly claimed, screams like a pig of the stuck variety that he would rather have sold his firstborn daughter to white slavers.
If you had threatened to sell their first-born to white slavers there would have been less fuss.
Hence the storm around Schapelle Corby, for not only does it tap into half-remembered stories of white slavers and penny dreadfuls of the 1920s, but also because the trial did generally fall short of both its own juridical standards and those of a more universal conception of modern justice.
As an instance, the first white slavers viewed their newly purchased chattel as potential cannibals; at the same time Africans feared that their white captors wanted to eat them.
Yet, had the anti-cigarette movement of the teens and '20s succeeded, the "Little White Slavers," as Ford called them, could easily have been subjected to a federal ban, followed by prosecution of makers, sellers-even users.
Neither can it be ignored that this particular vicious circle pattern does have a beginning, a clear point of origin and responsibility: The pattern began when white slavers captured and sold and white slaveowners bought innocent human beings who were in no way responsible for their cruel fate and when, faced with the flagrant immorality of this behavior, the white community created a series of rationalizations that spawned the racist stereotypes we contend with to this day.
The real mystery was a sub-plot involving Bill Bailey (another stand-up gent) and some fellows who, maybe, were white slavers.
Although white slavers became increasingly "oriental," white slaves did not become increasingly "occidental.
White slavers are frequently faceless, revealed only as arms that wield whips or throw slop willy-nilly at skeletal captives.
How about: Dear Sir or Madam, The future looks great: White slavers on the run in South Africa.
I loved them, I created them, I'm intimately involved with him and I sold them to the white slavers that take these things and" Lucas, speaking to US talk show host Charlie Rose, stopped talking at that point and laughed nervously.