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Fiercely jealous of their independence, they very often entertained conflictual relations with the white slave traders and captains.
Because of Margot's involvement in the white slave trade, he suffers imprisonment, which he bears stoically.
My Little Sister (1913), the story of a well-born girl who is abducted and forced into prostitution, proved so alarming that many readers wrote to newspapers demanding an investigation of the white slave traffic.
Whatever the breeders felt they were accomplishing, it was surely undone by the legacy of knock-kneed, uncoordinated, and oversexed white slave owners.
Freed by Joseph Clemetson, the white slave master who owned her and the three "mulatto" children she had with him--James, Richard and Robert--Nancy decided to use her liberty and the money given her as part of her emancipation, or manumission, to become a slave master, as did other black and coloured people who had once been slaves.
Two years later, Roe met another young woman, Ella Gingles, with a story Abbott says "sounded like an osmotic recitation of every white slave case [Roe] ever tried.
Born in 1802 to a black slave woman and a white slave owner, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean in an English ship called The Atlas, arriving in Grimsby.
Checking into the Hotel Priscilla she encounters Mrs Meers, the eccentric proprietor who runs a sideline in selling nubile orphans off to the white slave trade.
That is akin to saying that the white slave traders should have decided whether to abolish slavery or not.
In the interest of total disclosure I would say that my own article entitled "The Slave Trader, the White Slave, and the Politics of Racial Determination in the 1850s," Journal of American History, Vol.
Charicleia, after all, looks more like a white slave than a black princess.
It doesn't diminish the role of the white slave traders, but it shows slavery wouldn't have happened on the scale it did had Africans not collaborated.
Besides there's dysentery, malaria, robbers, cut-throats, white slave traders and insects as big as frying pans who live under loo seats.
Thus the subject of Personal Property is mass fantasy, the social appeal and "pleasurable outrage" attending accounts of forced prostitution (6), accidental incest, "vice resorts," and "dens of shame"--the literary corollaries to the Progressive Era's White Slave scare.