white sheep

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large white wild sheep of northwestern Canada and Alaska

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YN: But, in a herd of white sheep, I was the one who went my own way.
Debar stockbreeders officially protected their white sheep cheese by receiving the trademark certificate from the Agency for branding foodstuff articles, announced Skender Ame President of the Association of stockbreeders in Debar and Centar Zupa Municipalities.
She recalls her father shearing the family's flock of black and white sheep.
While one parent pointed out there are black sheep and there are white sheep, the decision is like banning the use of the colour black.
Teams of researchers have systematically driven over hundreds of acres of land surrounding Stonehenge, amid rolling green hills and fluffy white sheep, using remote-sensing technologies to map what lies beneath the ground.
Investigating officer PC Matt Tapping said the Border Collie black and white sheep dog remains outstanding, together with a crossed-terrier bitch and a dog, which were stolen from the address in Betws Garmon.
Be sure you shear black sheep and white sheep separately, sweeping off the floor between each.
He looked into the field next to the hard shoulder and saw a black sheep and a white sheep.
Chip & Dory" - Adapted from an old folk tale: A shooting star brings Chip, a black sheep, and Dory, a white sheep, together for the first time.
Directly ahead of us, beyond a small T-junction, was a field containing a flock of large fluffy white sheep which looked like they had just stepped out of an advert for Axminster Carpets.
The men asked the policeman to pay Dh1,000 more to buy two white sheep so that the magic will work.
WE'VE laughed at the nit-picking politically correct with their fear of perceived racism, these are the fools who gave us baa-baa white sheep and a three-yearold excluded from nursery for asking a black child: "Is your mum black, too?
As a wee lad, sat on my grandfather's knee, he had told me that occasionally a small minority of white sheep will have a recessive black gene within them, explaining that occasionally they will birth to a black lamb.