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The posh resort town is on the elbow of the Cape that has a large population of gray seals -- the massive animals whose blubber is the fuel of choice for great white sharks.
ISLAMABAD -- A report that scientists are calling one of the most comprehensive studies of great white sharks finds their numbers are surging in the ocean off the Eastern U.
The result was the first radiocarbon age estimates for adult white sharks.
There's a big difference between the girth of a 15-foot tiger shark and a 15-foot white shark.
Summary: A 700kg great white shark has washed up on a beach in Rhode Island.
The five shark killings off Western Australia have led to the country's Fisheries Minister Norman Moore calling for a review of Great White Shark numbers.
A HUGE great white shark devoured a surfer in the latest attack on the world's deadliest coast yesterday.
Scientists are asking people who spot a great white shark from a safe distance to snap a photo of its dorsal fin.
Emmerdale Inside Nature's Giants: Great White Shark (7.
The first episode sees experts take apart a great white shark, 15 feet long and weighing almost a ton.
This work catalogs whole and partial great white shark specimens and live sharks in 26 museums and aquariums in the US.
THANKS to Steven Spielberg's frightening 1975 thriller Jaws, everyone thinks the great white shark is the most fearsome predator in the animal kingdom.
NEWPORT - He was once among the ocean's most feared creatures, terrorizing salmon and surfers alike, gliding effortlessly from one kill to the next: a great white shark.