white separatism

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a social system in which white people live separately from members of other races

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In 2001, Regnery founded The Occidental Quarterly, the leading journal of white separatism.
No government rules prohibit vehement racist expressions or arguments for white separatism.
The main difference between them is this: Black separatism is a reaction to White separatism, while the latter arises from its own power to dominate.
Voerwoort, the architect of apartheid, Wilhelm made headlines when he forsook his family's legacy of white separatism and joined the African National Congress.
Duke has disavowed his KKK membership, but still clings to his belief in white separatism.
These ideas are spread by groups under a variety of names -- Freemen, We the People, People for Constitutional Courts, the Civil Rights Task Force--sometimes with a strong dose of white separatism, anti-Semitism, and paranoia.
Miller has been long known to advocate ideas related to white nationalism, white separatism and anti-Semitism.