white rhinoceros

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large light-grey African rhinoceros having two horns

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There are two subspecies of white rhinos - the southern white rhinoceros, with an estimated 20,405 living wild in 2013, and the northern white rhinoceros, now nearly extinct.
Al Ain Zoo welcomed a number of newborns to its family this year, including a white rhinoceros, zebra, rhim gazelles, a Chital deer, a Scimitar-horned oryx and an addax (a very rare antelope.
Summary: A rare white rhinoceros has been born at a zoo in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv.
Using frozen adult skin cells from an endangered primate called a drill and from a northern white rhinoceros, scientists coaxed the cells into an embryonic stem cell-like state.
Loring and her colleagues at the Scripps Research Institute then created stemcells from frozen skin cells of two such endangered species - the drill and the northern white rhinoceros.
Perhaps the most famous example of this is the story of the White Rhinoceros, the world's second-largest land mammal.
GSA's latest production incorporated many new animals including an African white rhinoceros, penguins, Bengal tiger and a variety of dog breeds.
Zoo administration has also offered other animals for adoption including Bengal Tigar, White Tiger, African Lion, White Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Chimpanzee, Wolf, Balck Bear Jackal, Nilgai, Wild Boar and all kinds of Monkeys, Red deer, Samber, Wallaby, Fellow deer, Hog deer, Spotted deer, Moufflon sheep, Chinkara, Peafowl, Finches, Love birds, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, All water Birds, Ostrich, Emu, Cassowary, Gavial and otter.
Black and White Rhinoceros horns were equally prized by jambiya craftsmen for dagger handles up until the 1990s, and Yemeni demand has been a notable factor in the rise in poaching and plummeting of African rhinoceros numbers over the last three to four decades.
He was calling to tell me that the oldest white rhinoceros at the Toronto Zoo was about to be euthanized.
In Journey Into Africa, you can see white rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, Roosevelt's gazelles and African crowned cranes from the comfort of an open-air tram.
James (Terry) moves in with his two wicked aunts after his parents die in a freak accident involving a white rhinoceros.
BRITISH troops shot dead an endangered white rhinoceros after it charged them.
BRITISH troops shot dead an endangered white rhinoceros after it charged them while they were lost on military exercises in northern Kenya.
The white rhinoceros of colonial Zululand stands largely at the other extreme.