white noise

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a noise produced by a stimulus containing all of the audible frequencies of vibration

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We interpolated all gaps up to 30 days using a combination of data-specific deterministic model and white noise.
The results show that the level of white noise GSR had a significant effect on Working Memory.
About the noise parameters, we adopt earlier works on white noise [24] for the strength of our correlated noise [[sigma].
For reader's convenience, we shall briefly introduce the mathematical definition of Brownian motions and the relation between white noise and Brownian motions.
And users of White Noise Ambience with tinnitus have also posted reviews about the relief they get from the app, which is great.
In a similar manner, the hum we call white noise is made of a combination of assorted sound frequencies.
Among them are entanglement protection and generation under continuous monitoring, completely positive transformations of quantum operations, generating semigroups by degenerate elliptic operators arising in open quantum systems, the spectral gap of the n-photon absorption-emission process, white noise theory, computational complexity of a quantum algorithm for factoring, an isometry formula for a new stochastic integral, and complexities for Gaussian communication processes.
After receiving an injection of the drug in the ear, mice with cochleas damaged by loud white noise sprouted new hair cells.
After several nights of interrupted sleep, my wife and I broke down and bought a white noise machine for the boy.
They worked well to block out the train noise when I was on a trip, but to be clear, that was just the white noise of the train's rumbling and clacking.
For so many people, it's just white noise," she said during an interview with The IoS.
at all, or just the white noise of the body straining to hear.
The power spectrum of stochastic events generated by the Normal Poisson distribution in the combined systems is created using the theory of white noise.
Just like Don DeLillo's novel White Noise, spectacle replaces emotional emptiness in these two recent works.
QP-PQ: Quantum probability and white noise analysis; v.