white lie

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an unimportant lie (especially one told to be tactful or polite)

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Although white lies may seem harmless, they can still cause problems.
Before receiving the aforementioned awards for "Black Crow White Lie," her previous writing made the finals of several writing competitions, including the William Faulkner—William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition, the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards, and the Dahlonega Literary Festival Novel Contest.
However, that is factored into the price, and Little White Lie wasn't stopping when winning over 1m1/2f at Epsom in June.
Though technically telling a white lie is deceitful, this approach is personal and respectful, Keller explains.
Say the word "passing" and it's like pushing a "play" button in the mind that flashes that heart-wrenching scene in the 1959 movie Imitation of Life: There's Sarah Jane, sobbing behind the hearse of the black mother who died of a heart broken by her vanilla-hued daughter's cruel choice to live a tragic white lie.
In place of Biden's oft-repeated white lie about "100,000 cops," the Contract-bound Republicans have told a whopper, namely, that the best way to "Take Back Our Streets" is by dropping a do-whatever-you-want $10 billion grant on the states.
Napa's Beringer Blass Wine Estates Unveils White Lie Early Season(TM) Chardonnay, a Premium Wine Low in Calories & Alcohol
I tell a lot of lies because I am a great believer in the white lie.
Even if you've only told a little white lie, there are few sensations more blood-curdlingly excruciating than having your deception brought to the attention of others.
Bunbury Cup winner Little White Lie will bid for another valuable handicap prize in the near future, with trainer John Jenkins leaning towards a trip to Glorious Goodwood.
Unshakable was another bidding for back-to-back wins, but his thunder was stolen in the extended 1m handicap by Little White Lie under a positive ride from Darryll Holland.
If wedded bliss was dependent on not stashing a few things in the bottom of the drawer, pretending it was bought back in 1986 when it was first fashionable or telling a tiny white lie about its true cost, there would be no marriages at all - and certainly no happy ones.
The slender Bordeaux-style bottle of White White Lie Early Season Chardonnay speaks volumes.