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someone (or something) expected to achieve great success in a given field

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And White hopes Wrexham are announced as one of the host venues when the RFL make their final decision in the autumn.
White hopes the experience these two forwards bring to the team will help the Scottish forwards unleash their backs for the first time so far in this season's Six Nations.
The six shortlisted books include Terry Butcher's autobiography, Johnny Green's Push Yourself Just A Little Bit More, My Father and other Working Class Heroes by Gary Imlach and The Great White Hopes by Graeme Kent.
In the interim, Johnson disposed of various and sundry White Hopes and became a major attraction on the vaudeville circuit in America, Europe and Canada.
Manuel White hopes to stay healthy in his senior season.
Wing Gareth Holmes and replacement scrum-half Andrew Peggington dashed the All White hopes in an irresistible finish to clinch Caerphilly's third win of the season over Swansea in as many games.
JIMMY WHITE hopes some inside information will boost his bid for Masters glory.
com, and White hopes to add four or five farms by Spring 2003.
But when DTW moves into its renovated headquarters in 2002, White hopes that Robbins will begin teaching her "technique of teaching," in the remodeled space.
By going nonprofit, White hopes to do some tax-exempt fundraising.
Dublin have several young lads making their championship debut and White hopes that Louth can exploit that.
Emily was hailed as one of the great white hopes of British tennis but back problems plagued subsequent performances.
White hopes to construct a model of the Divje Babe I bone artifact in order to explore the range of sounds that could have been produced by blowing into it.