white heat

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the hotness of something heated until it turns white

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Solicitor Padraig O'Connell, for Mr O'Grady, said the issue arose "in the white heat of battle," and his client pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and regretted his action.
The restaurateur spent the afternoon at his Steakhouse Bar & Grill at Hotel Indigo, signing copies of the book White Heat 25, which is a special anniversary edition of the groundbreaking cookery manual he published in 1990.
WHITE HEAT STREET FOOD In the ethos of White Heat sits the phrase, "you won't see any pulled pork baps here".
But I'm seriously doubting that head coach Keiron Cunningham will toss him into the white heat of the Good Friday derby with Wigan.
30pm JOHN O'SHEA will run out into the white heat of the Tyne-Wear derby having already had a taste of the fierce rivalry this week.
She has also featured in series as varied as Doctor Who and Mutual Friends, as well as having appearances in Holby City, Doctors, Life of Riley and White Heat.
Each one comes with both white heat patches, for a milder heat, designed for more sustained use, and the more intense and fast-acting red patches.
2) dismantling of old white heat cement 3)applying new white heat cement coat
But both will feel the white heat of danger that comes with living a life in which the stakes are as high as the extortionate interest that gets loaded onto every debt.
5 WHITE HEAT (2012) HE stars as Jack in this story about a group of Seven London-based students from 1965 to the present day.
WHITE HEAT Lou Reed, third left, led the Velvet Underground, others from left, Sterling Morrison, Moe Tucker and John Cale
Pollock has written 123 books full of adventure, passion and heartbreak including White Heat, Mountain of Dreams, Love in the Afternoon and The Man Who Came Back.
SHOULD any Chelsea manager wish to win the Premier League title, he will need his team to keep cool heads in the white heat of many derby matches.
NOW that the white heat of last night's sizzling Eurovision spectacular is beginning to cool down, let's rewind and pay tribute to those nail-biting semi-finals.
His books Never Had It So Good and White Heat (he acted as a consultant on the recent TV drama of the same name) took a fresh look at the 'swinging' era.